Rough Day? Grab Your Bear

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Had a rough day? Reach for Teddy! A survey of 6,000 Britons finds that many still do.

From The Telegraph:

The survey also found that 25 per cent of men said they even took their teddy away with them on business because it reminded them of home.

Travelodge said that in the past year staff have reunited more than 75,000 teddies and their owners.

Spokesman Shakila Ahmed said: “Interestingly the owners have not just been children, we have had a large number of frantic businessmen and women call us regarding their forgotten teddy bear.”

Corrine Sweet, a psychologist, said cuddling a teddy bear was an ‘important part of our national psyche’.

She said: “It evokes a sense of peace, security and comfort. It’s human nature to crave these feelings from childhood to adult life.

I get it.

Alone, ill, in Venice 30 years ago, my only comfort was a small, furry bear I’d packed in my duffel for my four-month solo journey. Neither of us spoke Italian, so I was lucky to have some company.

I still sometimes pack a bear, even when traveling with my sweetie. He’s cool with it.

My battered little white bear has been all over the world with me, amusing chambermaids from Ireland to Quebec. I’ve had him since I was maybe three or four — that sort of loyalty is rare and sweet. He tucks easily into the smallest corner of my smallest suitcase and doesn’t even protest when I jam him into the outside pockets. Wherever I go, he’s happy to follow.

We should all be so blessed with soft, portable comfort.

Do you travel with anything inanimate but cuddly?

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9 thoughts on “Rough Day? Grab Your Bear

  1. Suzanna

    We travel with a large flu-virus replica. It sounds odd, but the little fluffy thing is riduculously cute. When my s/o is gone, I sleep with a clouded leopard, a snow leopard, and a wombat. Nothing like having a jungle in the bed!

  2. Suzanna

    We just call him the flu =) We got him from Think Geek; they have tons of them, from the flu, to swine flu, to ebola, rabies (the dogs like that one), you name it. They’re hysterical.

  3. you know, i’ve never actually done this, but heard years ago about someone who always made sure to stop at a florist and bring just two or three fresh flowers back to her room. that greatly appeals to me.

    i stopped traveling much for work, but this past summer i took a dazzling, risky 4-country trip with my 11-year-old. a friend had just sent me some Chinese Hellnotes–spirit money that is used to honor and comfort the dead. oddly, i was really drawn to bring a note with me, for luck, so i wouldn’t truly run out of money on the trip somehow. i later found out my daughter had snuck a little jade peace frog into her bags. like mother like daughter i suppose.

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