My New Book Is In Galleys!

A package landed on our doorstep two days ago. Galleys!

These are the first real proof that all those pages and pages and pages you cranked out of your printer — and your weary head — are actually going to make it into bookstores. They are softcover versions of the book-to-be, the ones that go out now to reviewers and magazines so they can start deciding if/when to feature or review them, months before the book is actually available for sale.

Here it is on amazon.

They’re expensive to produce and so you don’t get a lot of them, forcing strategic decisions about who is your best target to receive one. A dear friend last night, eager to read the book and knowing this, said “I read fast! I’ll send it right back.”

My publisher, Portfolio, an imprint of Penguin, splurged on color covers (my last book, as many galleys do, had only plain paper) and it looks so beautiful. For those of us without children, this is one of those champagne moments.

It’s an odd fact of publishing a book that, just as you are sooooooo tired and all you really want to do is sleep for a month, you must immediately start on planning and creating your marketing campaign, deciding who (you pray) might write or talk about your book, review it, blog it, feature it, tell all the right people about it.

Which is where utter serendipity comes in handy.

A writer I know a little is married to a man with amazing connections in retail and she suddenly asked for three galleys to distribute. The phone rang yesterday afternoon from the PR person for a major Canadian retailer — and it turned out to be a man whose work I knew 30 years ago when we were both in Paris and  both won the same journalism fellowship two years apart. He wants to see one as well.

Like sending your tiny loved one(s) off to kindergarden or nursery school, this is the point at which my baby toddles out into the wider world.

Fingers crossed!

9 thoughts on “My New Book Is In Galleys!

  1. Congratulations! I’ve just added your new book to my to my to-read list! Here’s to connections, and more printed words!

    And thanks for the insights into publishing.


    1. Yes….But you can, if you wish, pre-order it on amazon…I may be able to publish some tidbits from it here and am hoping to do some first serial sales — i.e. you might read an excerpt in a magazine. We’re still working on that.

  2. I am so happy I stumbled over your blog a month or so ago – as an ever hopeful yet unpublished writer, I find your posts calmly reassuring. Plus – I LOVE the premise of Malled and can’t wait to have my own copy. Next stop: Amazon to pre-order.

  3. Mimm, thanks! I wish I felt calmly reassuring! 🙂 The deeper you get into the publishing world, the more you learn and then are not (unpleasantly) surprised by things. It has its own rhythms and habits.

    LKD, it’s clear you have a strong voice and probably lots of good stories. Just have to decide what you want to say. 🙂

  4. belongum

    How exciting… thanks for that! You’ve given me a little peek into the world I one day hope to inhabit – that of a published writer! Cheers…

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