You Should Be Ashamed

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Want to score some freebies?

Try this — ripping off retail associates.

As suggested (nice work, fellow journos!) in Cosmopolitan magazine.

Yeah, screwing over low-wage employees in a recession is really a rockin’ idea.

2 thoughts on “You Should Be Ashamed

  1. As a former retail employee (aren’t we all? *lol*) I can really empathize with those that have to deal with all the scammers, ranters, and general crazies that seem to think “low-earning wage-slave” = “human doormat”.

    I find it rather sad that a big name magazine like Cosmo would support taking advantage of people like that. Sure, people can argue that they’re just sticking it to the Big Bad Chain Store, but who do you think suffers when the company doesn’t make its profits? It’s employees. In the form of reduced hours, reduced wages, or even firings. You aren’t helping anyone, except yourself.

    Maybe that’s the mentality Cosmo wants to teach, since it’s so prevalent in today’s society anyway. In this age of “Me, me, me… Now, now, now…” I’m reminded of Veruca Salt from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” — and we all know what happened to her.

  2. It’s a terrible way to treat anyone. In my new book about working retail, I have a whole chapter called Customers From Hell and name the six reasons people seem to think it’s OK to be horrible to associates;

    My motto for the book — in this recession is “It could be you.” Many people will soon be taking these jobs when they can find no better…It will be such an awakening to be on the other side of such brutal behavior.

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