Design’s Grand Dame: Andree Putman

In antiques, art, business, culture, design, domestic life, women, work, world on January 19, 2011 at 2:20 pm
Cover of "Andree Putman"

Cover of Andree Putman

I’m a huge fan of interior design, one of the fields in which talented women have long held sway — Madame Castaing, Nancy Lancaster, Sister Parish, Victoria Hagan, Mariette Himes Gomez.

I studied at The New York School of Interior Design, and loved all of it. (OK, not drafting.)

At 85, Andree Putman is still going strong.

Here’s a link to news of her new show in Paris, on until February.

  1. Wonderful, what an inspiring story of her life and career. And interesting that her career took off when she was in her 60s and she’s still going strong. She sounds so glamorous and successful. Ah, I think the French invented style, with a capital S.
    Sunshine xx

  2. I love that bathroom. But I want my living room to be cozy not sleek. Yet, she really speaks to some people. I love that she really got there in later life. Most people are shutting down or being forced down at that time.

  3. Design fascinates me as it is so deeply personal — cosy to one is cluttered to another, while sleek to one is cold to another…

    I love French design and designers. I splurge sometimes on $8 French shelter magazines as their styles are often so much more daring and confident than what I see in American or Canadian magazines. We renovated our only, tiny bathroom last year and it includes a Mexican copper sink ($32!) and Italian tile we bought while in Paris. I had never seen such gorgeous tile anywhere here…
    I will always happily spend $ on our home before other luxuries.

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