Naptime! The Joy Of Zzzzzzs

My pillow

Are you one of those people who just can’t nap?

Who guzzle coffee and soda all day long in an ongoing and desperate attempt to stay lucid, functional and awake?

Take a nap!

Join me, figuratively speaking, in a lovely little snooze. Recline (gently and slowly) that train/car/airplane seat. Plump up those sofa pillows. Grab a cosy throw and crawl onto bed.

No, you’re not lazy, slothful, a slacker.  You’re whipped and your body needs to re-charge. You know, like those cords you carry everywhere for your laptop and cellphone…

You can do it!

I’ve been told, (which I do take as a compliment) I’m a terrific napper, having fully slept on the floors of airplanes and train stations, in chairs, even mid-meal once. My sweetie is also skilled at this, as is my Dad.

We’re all journos, photographers and film-makers, i.e. people whose works can be ferociously, full-on, 24/7 demanding (hello, 9/11) with sleep a distant memory. We’ve slept under desks. You learn to grab rest whenever and wherever you get the chance.

I’m also one of those people with two speeds: gogogogogogogogogogogo and fast asleep. I am not good at resting, relaxing, chilling out, staring idly into space. So naps are a very healthy choice for me.

And,  very likely, for you as well — Americans, now surgically attached to all forms of technology 24/7, are losing a lot of sleep as a result, a new study finds.

Here’s a site with a lot of helpful links for the truly worn out.

How about you?

Do you take naps?

Do they help?

6 thoughts on “Naptime! The Joy Of Zzzzzzs

  1. Lisa

    I love naps. A good nap can refresh me in so many ways. Of course, bad naps haunted by nightmares kind of destroy that. My favorite thing is to fall asleep in front of an open window, with a slight breeze blowing. Ahhh! Heaven. I don’t do it enough.

  2. As per my last post, no! 🙂 But perhaps I should, as I am just now feeling better. I do however, read books. Finished The Piano Teacher this week, and got The Imperfectionists from the library, because you said so. Only read the jacket, and I think I’ll love it.

    As for your book, will you sign my copy? Sarge and I are coming to LI/NYC in June, to introduce him to my New York family.

    I’d like to buy you coffee when we are there, if you’d like. Please don’t mention the trip on my blog, as I am attempting to surprise some people who read it! xox

  3. I think you’ll love The Imperfectionists (although it really resonates for anyone, like me, who has worked for [and loved] a daily newspaper.)

    It would be so fun to meet! I’ll be around….Feel free to email me off my website and we’ll make a plan. My autograph pen quivers with anticipation (bonus points if you get that movie reference!)

    1. I’ve read that the sleep cycle is 90 minutes, so either 45 or 90 is the way to go. But I find even 20 minutes — as I did during a six-hour drive day on Saturday — can make a real difference. I pulled over into a parking area (in daylight!), locked the doors and snoozed back to safe driving mode.

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