Woo Or Pounce?

Cover of "Gone with the Wind"
Cover of Gone with the Wind

We watched “Gone With The Wind” recently — all four glorious hours of it.

I had forgotten Clark Gable, as Rhett Butler, snapping at spoiled little Scarlett O’Hara — “You need to be kissed, and often, by someone who knows how.” How deliciously assertive!

And then he did.


Which raises the larger question — when it comes to kissing, and whatever comes after that, do you prefer to be wooed or pounced upon?

Does it matter if, like me, you’ve been with your partner or spouse for many years? Does first or fourth date behavior need to change to something more subtle — or perhaps more assertive — with the passage of time and the growth of familiarity?

I admit to preferring the pounce, personally. I’m one of these laser-focused people who’s always doing something and hates being interrupted, whether cooking or reading or writing. Sex, romance, smooching — it all takes uninterrupted, undistracted time. And undivided attention.

Which, in college, I and my beaux had a lot of. I remember many long, lovely afternoons devoted to….not attending class!

But as I get older — sigh — I find my libido mugged by any number of determined assailants, from fatigue to a painful arthritic hip to worry about my mom with dementia in a nursing home far away to insecurity about my body to….you name it!

Pouncing, which sort of forces my poor sweetie to be a little leopard-leaping-from-a-tree-esque (decidedly not his nature), relieves me, I confess, of the need to initiate and squelches any ambivalence I might be feeling. On with it, then!

Which do you like best — to be wooed or pounced upon?

10 thoughts on “Woo Or Pounce?

  1. At this stage in life, there is a risk of me falling asleep if ‘wooed’. I believe pouncing would yield better results. And, I swooned at the very mention of Rhett’s quote. No 4hr movie required.

  2. We watched this just last night!

    I have to say that the “chase” — the wooing or being wooed is wonderfully distracting, but there’s nothing like pouncing! 🙂

  3. christicorbett

    Stopped by your blog and am thrilled to find you featuring my favorite book/movie of all time!

    Thanks again for all your help with advice for my blogging seminar tonight (I’m about to leave in 10 minutes so of course I’m playing on the internet instead of practicing my speech!)

    Christi Corbett

  4. Since “pounce” was the first thing that came to mind when reading this post; I think that’s what is preferred…but I would never turn down the attempt to woo! That’s the complexity of a woman’s mind and multiple moods. Makes you almost feel sorry for the poor guy.

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