Why Books Resemble Dandelion Seeds

Satellite image showing Christchurch and surro...
Christchurch, NZ. My book is down there somewhere! Image via Wikipedia

Tiny, white fragile — they float on the breeze, landing and sprouting in the least likely of places.

The great joy of writing and publishing a book, for me, is watching in wonder as it settles down worldwide — libraries have so far bought Malled in Kamloops, (a medium sized city in the interior of British Columbia, where my college best friend lives) to Christchurch, New Zealand to Denton, Texas, where it’s filed under “vocational guidance.”

A young friend, a fellow journalist, shot me a message on Facebook — “I overheard buzz about your book!” She lives in Hong Kong. Cool!

Like seeds, thoughtful books carry with them the germ of new growth — the spread of ideas, sometimes raising questions, even occasionally changing readers’ minds about an issue they once felt sure about, or maybe never even considered.

I’ve been honored to hear readers tell me “your book bolstered me at work” (from a retail associate in Phoenix) to “I’ll never shop the same way again” (readers in California and Toronto.)

I’m thrilled knowing my babies are finding readers all over the world. A friend then living in Las Vegas once sent me a cellphone photo of my first book, of two copies on his local library shelf.

I was so excited I wanted to wave.

10 thoughts on “Why Books Resemble Dandelion Seeds

  1. ladyberrington

    hip hip!
    isn’t that one of the very best outcomes of one’s work – to think that you have sparked some thought process in your readers

    well done!

    1. Thanks! It’s very odd…writing is so solitary and reading of the work (of course) is so public.

      There is an strange moment (fear!) when the book is now out for anyone to love (or hate) and in the public’s eye.

  2. Marion

    Your book is on order for Christchurch City Libraries and I just put a reserve on it. Having read your blog for a while I am looking forward to reading your book. Amazing how the internet makes all these connections. Dandelion seeds indeed.

    1. I find this so amazing!

      I’ve been to your wonderful country — in 1998 — but only to Auckland and the Coromandel. Your city has been through such trauma this year!

      I am honoured that librarians worldwide consider Malled worth including in their collections. But we all shop, and we all face more of less the same issues when we do, so I do think there’s a universality to the messages in my book. I hope you enjoy it.

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