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So, I just came out of a television studio in Toronto about 90 minutes ago, after a 30-minute live show hosted by business journalist Howard Green, where I talked about Malled, my new book, with two retail industry experts.

Winding down, I came down the stairs and headed for the exit. A slim handsome white-haired man in a very nice navy blue suit stood in the way.

No. Couldn’t be…here, in Toronto? Why?

Anderson Cooper.


I was hopelessly star-struck and introduced myself and the publicist for Penguin (why did I not have copy of my book to hand him?!) and said “Keep up the good work.”

Sigh. Doofus.

(What a thrill!)

Which Big Names have you encountered face to face like that?

What did you say or do?

23 thoughts on “Star-Struck!

  1. That is very neat, Broadside. I follow him on Twitter, and he’s seems to be enjoying himself in Toronto.

    If I’ve met anyone, I have since forgotten. I am a huge fan of Cher, I share proudly. (I know, perhaps that’s a fault of mine.) I saw her in concert. I’m embarrassed to admit .. I cried.

    Enjoy the high from seeing Anderson. I admire Anderson and his mother, Gloria. ~ Lenore

  2. That is really cool Caitlin. I like Anderson Cooper as well. As for your question…

    I have met a few and had the good fortune to actually have a little conversation with each of them.
    Many years ago on a beach in Florida I met David Frost and Diahann Carole…she was very shy and preferred to be private. David did talk to me for a couple minutes and let me take his photo.

    While living in Ireland I met Jack Klugman downtown Dublin and had a little chat with him…very nice man.

    Two years in a row while attending the Irish Derby and luckly through my then husband we had passes to the VIP tent, and there I met and had wonderful conversations John Forsythe. What a lovely, kind, and delightful man.

    Another time downtown Dublin I briefly met another international actor whose name is on the tip of my tongue, but it just won’t get up to my brain right now. I will probably think of it as soon as I hit “Post Comment” 🙂

    Anyway, the best was being part of a two day UNICEF event in Dublin as photographer and assisted with organizing the Grand Ball to launch the Childrens Appeal…and meeting and speaking with Audrey Hepburn and Robert Wolders. At that time Audrey was UNICEF Ambassador. What amazing people, absolutely wonderful.
    After moving back to the US and living in Atlanta, I got to attend another UNICEF event Audrey and Robert were part of, and got to speak with them for awhile. Both of these last two events are the most amazing surprise experiences of my life. The full stories still bring tears of joy and wonder to me for such a gift in my life.

      1. I had been a fan of Audrey’s for many years and would never have imagined ever meeting her, let alone the experiences I did have.
        I always enjoyed Klugman as Quincy where he was a doctor (coroner i think).

        It is interesting to experience surprise meetings of people we have seen and admired from afar.

  3. Fun!

    The most famous person I ever met was Linus Pauling. I also met not-yet-NJ Governor James Florio when he was a US Rep. Of the two, Pauling made a much better impression!

  4. Deborah the Closet Monster


    I “worked” with a lot of famous folks as an extra during my law school days. I remember chatting with Will Ferrell and Michael Rosenbaum (on separate occasions), but my moment of actually being starstruck involved Joss Whedon (creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer). He was standing next to me in a comic shop one day and I was so excited I actually shook. Fortunately he was gracious despite my inability to be either sane or rational. :p

  5. When I returned to my car parked in a street in St.Andrews, SEAN CONNERY was propping himself on my bonnet reading a newspaper! Seriously, I know we see a lot of biggies in St.Andrews but this was pretty special and I was so star struck I couldn’t utter a single word other than, “this is my car” . How stupid, and what a waste and I have spent the last 15 years thinking of fab, witty things to say….never been quick on my feet though, I am more of an organic thinker but I have my “speech” ready for when I bump into Ewan McGregor…..perhaps, one day 😉

  6. jacquelincangro

    Great sighting! Just from living in NYC I’ve seen several celebrities from afar, but close up, I certainly get a bit tongue-tied, especially if it’s a person I greatly admire such as Jane Goodall. That was a wonderful meeting, though I’m sure she thought I was an idiot considering nothing intelligible came out of my mouth.

    I did get to play tennis briefly with Neil Patrick Harris. See # 2. 🙂

    1. Caitlin Kelly

      Cool! I was once crossing Madison at 56th or so and, in the middle of the crosswalk, was one of my (now dead) fashion IDOLS….Geoffrey Beene. OMG. I could not think of anything to say, and mid-crosswalk is no great place to chat.

      I saw Woody Allen out with his daughter/wife a few years ago. Too weird. And Sam Shephard and Jessica (his wife, blanking on name) at a cafe in the West Village.

  7. TOO COOL! I was visiting in-laws in LA, and my sister-in-law identified some random park goer as a character in “Lost,” which I had never seen. That’s as near as I’ve ever gotten to anyone remotely interesting.

  8. Farin

    I’ve met and seen quite a few celebs throughout my stints at various Broadway theatres, but my most special meeting happened at “The Boy From Oz.” Among the celebrities in the audience the night I saw the show was the great Lauren Bacall–and she was sitting just two rows in front of me. I turned to my friend and started shrieking silently, and then I said, “I hate to disturb her, but if I don’t go up and say something, I’ll regret it forever.” So I did. I apologized for bothering her and then told her what a huge fan I am, and she took my hand in both of hers, looked me in the eye, and thanked me. I was shaking when I returned to my seat.

    I will never forget that experience for as long as I live.

    (and yes, I did get to meet Mr. Hugh Jackman, which was extremely lovely in so many ways, but meeting Lauren Bacall eclipsed that, if you can believe it).

  9. Great post, great question. When I was in my early 20s and full of myself, I was certain that if I ever met a celebrity, I’d be cool and not act like a slavering fan. Wrong. It happened when Donald Sutherland was still a hunk and I loved his movies. I was walking up the narrow back stairs of the Ritz-Carlton in Montreal when Sutherland came quietly down toward me. I pinned my back to the wall of the stairwell, froze with my arms stretched out to my sides, and said something idiotic like – Oh Mr. Sutherland, I’m such a fan of yours. He barely looked at me. I blushed for hours.

    1. Cooool!

      I was having breakfast in the same Ritz-Carlton and the next table had these aging guys dressed….casually…with long hair. I had heard a manager in the lobby yammering about a sore throat and a possible cancellation….It was Steve Tyler and Aerosmith. I did not fawn, but was amused.

  10. I once nearly collided with Diana Ross as she exited her Bentley in Greenwich, CT. I couldn’t speak and probably looked like a typical doofus fan. She was dressed entirely in white and was more beautiful in person than in any picture I’d ever seen.

    Cheers! MJ

  11. Author Kristen Lamb

    Wow! That would have been amazing. I met Dean Koontz recently and babbled like an escapee from a mental institution.

  12. Hi! I met Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart a few years ago. I had no idea what to say to them, either. I mumbled something about how their music had brought me so much pleasure over the years and that’s all I could muster!

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