What Do You Love About Your Home?

The Hudson River
I love the Palisades! And I really love watching barges on the Hudson river...Image via Wikipedia

My favorite shelter blog, Apartment Therapy, recently asked this question and got, of course, some terrific and inspiring answers.

I’ve lived since 1989 — much to my shock — in a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment in the suburbs of New York. I didn’t plan on any of that; the plan, with my then husband, was to stay for a while, then as our incomes improved, move into something larger, probably a house. But he was gone within a few years and I’m still here.

Yes, there are times I long for a second room, an office, a guest room, a second bathroom, a backyard.

But it offers some things I really like:

lovely landscaping, with mature trees and a gorgeous Japanese maple right outside our front door

a pool and tennis court

a northwest view of the Hudson River impeded only by the tree-tops, from the top floor

our balcony, all 80 square feet of it

lots of light

quiet neighbors

the only sounds are raccoons, hawks, birds and the occasional coyote

our lovely newly-renovated bathroom, with a handmade copper sink we scored in Mexico for $32 and hand-made tile we bought in Paris

watching all sorts of river traffic

on July 4, being able to watch the fireworks from six towns at once on both sides of the Hudson

best of all, (not the home itself), I can be in midtown Manhattan within 45 minutes’ train or drive

What do you like best about your home?

14 thoughts on “What Do You Love About Your Home?

  1. My office, which opens up into the back yard (and back yard is full of fabulous hiding places, important for my Jack Russell when practicing her preying techniques).
    The hardwood floors.
    The garage, where my London Black Cab is safe from harsh winters and hot summers.
    The overall sense of peace the place offers. Never really had that before.

    1. Remi makes it all the best place ever! (Says Remi’s biggest overseas fan.)

      I love the quiet of our place, broken by the sound of planes and helicopters overhead, but mostly birds…

      Hoping to come visit you one of these years…

  2. “Our house is a very very fine house, with two cats in the yard…” Remember that song?

    Your comment immediately made me think of it. I think it’s Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young….and yes, I am a hippie at heart.

  3. I am in process of trying to sell my townhouse here in GA so I can move to Greenville, SC where I feel so much AT HOME. When I do I am planning to get a 1 bedroom 1 bath apartment which will be smaller than my current 2bdrm/2.5 bath. But I will be so happy to be living in Greenville. The place and people have truly embraced me, and I them.

  4. What I love most about my place: it’s old, it has character, there is minimal garden but enough for me to potter around in, plus I have chooks. But if I had to pick one reason? It’s the place where I write, so, to me, it feels like the centre of the universe.

  5. The large lots and wildlife is what I love about my home. The lot across from us is 10 acres of undeveloped beauty – lakes, rivers and walkways. We see deer, hear coyotes and watch hawks on the hunt. Recently, we’ve heard and seen an owl in the night.
    Oh, the lack of street lights is another plus, as we can see many stars at night.

  6. You see the tug boats coming and going every day 🙂

    I don’t think I’ve found “home” yet, but what I love about where I live – is that Perth (Western Australia) has to be one of the easiest cities in the world to get from metropolis to bush. Drive a couple of hours north, east or south (west is the ocean) and there’s all this space to try and inhale, just for you, or so it feels.

    Also, we may have pretty damn close to perfect weather here – it’s beach weather 9 months out of 12. Can’t fault that.

  7. Sounds lovely…I’ve been to Sydney and Melbourne. Perth, next time!

    I spent yesterday afternoon biking right along the river’s edge. Not wilderness, per se, but being able to be out in nature within a 10 minute drive is worth a lot to me.

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