Make Me Laugh And I’m Yours, Baby!

you laughed so hard you cried?
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Is there anything less amusing than a day — a week — longer? without laughter?

Especially when times are terrifying and horrible and painful, you gotta laugh.

The men who have won my heart are the ones who made me laugh so hard I almost peed, like Bob, who took me to a Manhattan comedy club but made me laugh ten times harder on the drive home.

The sweetie and I met on-line, so our first few conversations were by phone, as we lived about 30 miles away from one another. I have no idea what he said, but something made me laugh so hard I snorted.


That’s the end of that, I figured. What man wants to date a chick who snorts?

But Jose, being Jose, thought this was — as Buddhists like to say — an auspicious sign. If he could make me laugh that hard, clearly I had some appreciation for: 1) the same things; 2) seen the same way; 3) him. All true, and here we are 11 years later.

The eight-day silent Buddhist retreat I recently attended certainly looked Very Serious Indeed. All the students had mala beads wrapped around their wrists, and prayer books wrapped in gorgeous Chinese silk bags and some of them fully prostrated before each teaching. Yikes!

I do take such matters seriously indeed, but a little lightness goes a long, long way with me.

Thank heaven for Lama Surya Das’ love of laughter. We were killing ourselves at his raucous, bawdy humor — which made a deeply thoughtful 90-minute teaching, with 20 points on one slide alone — fly by.

How often do you laugh?

Is it enough?

12 thoughts on “Make Me Laugh And I’m Yours, Baby!

  1. I agree. The sweetie and I had some photos of us taken today and all we are doing in every one of them is laughing…it’s what we do. The silent retreat was really relaxing but it REALLY made me appreciate how much I value laughing every day….and without conversation, you don’t laugh.

  2. royal farris

    I have a ten month old grandbaby. I have laughed a lot more in the last ten months.

    Real joy comes from the inside. Its not situational. By fixing the inside the smiles come more often and there are more things to smile about.

  3. I love laughing, and do it all the time, especially at work. For me, laughing is like stress relief when I’m at work and I try to get my clients to laugh too. I just can’t help it, it’s good fun!

  4. phrodeo

    Hi Caitlin, thanks again for stopping by my blog and commenting. I’m very much enjoying reading your thoughts here! Best, Jen (phrodeo)

  5. phrodeo

    PS – Some of my most favorite memories involve laughing til you cry with my husband or daughter. It’s the best bonding there is.

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