There Are 500 Of You! Thanks!

Woo-hoo! Time for some celebratory fireworks! Image by 雙魚寶寶攝影小天地 via Flickr

It’s taken what feels like forever — and this little blog thang pales in comparison to those with a kajillion readers and ads and sponsors — but we hit 500 subscribers this weekend, after slightly more than a year blogging at WordPress.

(I blogged for a year, paid [sweet!] at True/Slant before that, so have 1,155 posts, the archives of which typically draw in about 20 percent of my daily visitors.)

I’ve been Freshly Pressed three times, which is very cool.

You, my lovelies, are everywhere! I did a rough headcount and found readers in:

Bhutan (hi, Aby! A former True/Slant pal, and fellow newlywed)

London (from which, Ruth, a lovely South African, blogs here)


Australia (g’day Charlene and Nigel!)


Edinburgh (and even met Lorna and Sarge when they came to New York; Lorna blogs here)



Sri Lanka

Canada (my home and native land)






and, where I live, the United States.

I’m awed by what fun, cool, creative and interesting people have stopped by, and continue to do so. Many of you, like me, are world travelers or ex-patriates like Ruth and Lorna. Many are professors and work in the arts, like Lunar Euphoria, who teaches theatre to kids or The Observationalist, who has a thriving career as a theatrical costume designer in New York City, no small accomplishment for a man in his early 30s.

My only wish? That more of you would comment and join in the conversation.

But thank you for making the time to sign up, to read, to converse, to share your thoughts and insights.

A friend recently asked me what I’ve been doing for fun. I didn’t hesitate in my answer:


21 thoughts on “There Are 500 Of You! Thanks!

  1. Congratulations on the accomplishment! 500 is a pretty remarkable number, especially because you haven’t been blogging on WordPress for very long. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  2. But how many of those subscribers are active. I have over a 100 myself but everyone isn’t active. I rather for people who don’t comment and like to unsubscribe.

  3. Congratulations!

    I also hit a landmark figure the other day – 10,000 hits – and while I can be cynical and say most people on looked at the site and quickly moved away, I’m very proud of myself. I’m also proud that I’m not the only person who goes around tootin’ their own horn about how popular they are on the internet!

    Here’s to a bit of shameless but harmless self promotion!

  4. Congrats, Conor!

    I don’t think I’m that popular — there are blogs with 10s of 1,000s of readers. But I am always interested to know how well-read other blogs are. There is no marker on my site (as some have) to show this statistic or the countries people are visiting from.

    1. Well, I have to admit I do have those on my site but I don’t think I use them as a barometer for the quality of the site, more as food for my own ego.

      I look on the hits as reader feedback. I started writing this a little over a year ago and to see how it has grown I suppose is my own way of saying I’m doing something right, even if it is nothing more than a hobby.

      Anyway, I’ll stop talking about myself. Keep up the good work – I do enjoy reading your posts as they often get me thinking about my own writing.

  5. Congratulations, you deserve it! 500 is amazing! I don’t have too many people so whenever I get some regulars I always get giddy to see them and to see the stats go up too. It’s just so exciting and it’s a lot of fun to have that interaction between the readers with being an author.

    1. Thanks. I have worked really hard at it — I spend, usually, an hour every day on WordPress reading different tags and commenting when and where I think I’ve got something to add, which sometimes draws in new subscribers. If it were not for being FPed, my stats would be much lower, I know.

  6. Congratulations, again! You were the first blogger I connected with when I started mine. I’ve respected you and your words ever since.

    And it was awesome to meet you! Hope to see you again!


      1. Thank you! And he says hello to you! My third FP, and now most popular post is about my phone. I find that kinda funny, but I’m not complaining. I’m now known for being a scatterbrain. Ha!

        Mull was wonderful. Our next Island hop is to Orkney. Sarge’s Gran was from there, and we both love it. Just haven’t been there together yet.

        As for more interesting stats, the greatest number of comments on my blog by people who aren’t me are from you! I like that. Thank you!


  7. Congrats! I started my blog in May and have reached 25 subscribers, but I keep looking to grow. But more importantly, I just keep writing. Twice a week, every week, rain or shine, inspiration or no. Yours was a blog I found early and I love it. So insightful and inspiring. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for the kind words…It takes time to grow an audience, as you can see. Not sure how much you’re visiting other blogs and commenting, but that’s helped me find new readers as well.

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