Wise Words From 1913: Nothing Changes

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“Oh, we’ve only just begun. We’re waking up to a sense of our responsibilities, out here, and we ain’t afraid, neither. You fellows back there must be a tame lot. If you had any nerve you’d get together and march down to Wall St. and blow it up. Dynamite it, I mean.”

“That would be a waste of powder. The same business would go on in another street. The street doesn’t matter.”

I just read these prophetic words; hint, it’s a classic novel many Americans read in their schoolwork but I just read for the first time.

Who wrote them, and in which book?

3 thoughts on “Wise Words From 1913: Nothing Changes

  1. Indeed!

    I had always been curious about her work, and had never read it. I was at the library so thought I’d start with this one (a slim volume) and see if I liked it. If I did (and I liked it a lot), I decided I’d go back and read more.

    Did you read it in school? Did you like it?

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