Where In The World Have You Been?

North America - Satellite image - PlanetObserver

And yet, despite my loathing of turbulence, I live to travel.

This calendar year, so far, I’ve been to Victoria, Vancouver and Kamloops, B.C., Banff, Alberta, Toronto, D.C., Minneapolis, Peterborough (Ontario) and Chicago. In January I’ll be in Tucson and thereabouts for two weeks (while my husband teaches a photo workshop there), then go to New Orleans on the 25th to speak at a retailers’ conference.

Spoiled by years of international — i.e. off the North American continent — travel, I still have a huge jones to go somewhere, soon, they don’t speak English as a first language.

I’ve been, so far, to 37 countries, from Fiji to Turkey, Thailand to New Zealand. In 1982, I won an eight-month journalism fellowship that required (heaven!) funded solo travel on 10-day reporting trips all over Europe. I went to Denmark, England and Sicily and did an eight-day trip in a truck from Perpignan to Istanbul with a French trucker who spoke not a word of English.

Some favorites, so far, include:

the Coromandel coast of New Zealand



Corsica (nice piece in a recent New York Times travel section; here’s my fun piece about it from The Wall Street Journal)

Mexico — Oaxaca, Cuernavaca, Patzcuaro, Acapulco, Taxco, Merida, Queretaro

Ko Phi Phi and Mae Hong Son, Thailand


Savannah, Georgia

The Banff Springs Hotel in Banff, Alberta.

High on the list of places I’m eager to visit:

Argentina, Morocco, Laos, Berlin, northern Brazil, the Hebrides, Jordan, Lebanon, Mongolia. And repeat visits to Paris, London, Italy, Corsica and many others…

Where are you dying to go, and why?

What have been your favorite trips, and why?

Here’s a gorgeous blog written by a woman as enamored of world travel (and a fellow New Yorker) as I.

13 thoughts on “Where In The World Have You Been?

  1. Lisa Wields Words

    I envy you so much travel. I have not been to nearly enough places, although I have been to interesting ones. I guess some of my favorites were Kyoto, Bali, and Paris (although I must return there as an adult to really discover it).

    A the end of the year I am going on a creative adventure to Slovakia and I am very excited. Slovakia has never really been on my list, but then again every place is on my list. I don’t know what to expect from this adventure but I can’t wait. It has been way too long.

      1. Lisa Wields Words

        I lived in Japan for three years, so traveled all over the country. Kyoto was just one of the many beautiful places there. From there, I had vacations to Bali, Hong Kong and Thailand. If I had stayed longer, I would have made it to Nepal I think. I want to go back to Bali because I really only had the tourist version since I was travelling with a Japanese friend who was more comfortable going the tour group route than exploring without guidance.

        If you are interested, here is a link that describes the adventure I am about to take. I am hoping to get some good writing out of this, and perhaps a few other things as well. http://www.dramaticadventure.com/retreats/slovakia.html


  2. So envious of your Japanese life! I’ve long been fascinated by it — my father made two films there in 1964 — and collect Japanese art, textiles, books…Both my parents had Japanese prints in the house when I was growing up, so the names of Utamaro and Hiroshige were familiar to me, and have created a deep curiosity about the place. I read a book “Dogs and Demons” about contemporary Japan that worried me, saying they had destroyed much of their rural landscape…but friends who have visited Tokyo love it.

    1. Lisa Wields Words

      I’m sure there probably has been a lot of destruction. Japan is certainly a strange place that embraces all things new and technological while at the same time still clinging to many things old. I love Japanese art etc. I think you should plan a trip to Japan next (great place to further delve into retail if you ask me).

      1. Maybe we’ll make it part of our delayed honeymoon…everything adventurous is on hold til I get the new hip and re-hab (Feb-April 2012.)

        But you’re so right about retail there!

  3. Well, the only trip I’m dying to go on is heaven I hope, but I guess we will have to see if I’m been naughty or nice, huh? Hey, I can use that reference; I mean it’s Santa Claus and Christmas and all that, right?

    I love to travel, but unfortunately my wife doesn’t so I have nowhere near the travel cred you have. However, my trip to Banff, Vancouver and Victoria was quite nice. Saw a black bear, but no whales.

    I also had a chance to go to Scotland and play St Andrews; and there was another trip to Monaco, Nice, Cannes & Geneva that was extremely enjoyable.

    What made those trips even better, was somebody else paid for them. Otherwise, I might not have been able to experience them because none of those are in my wife’s top 5.

    I think I would like to do a wilderness trip in Alaska and a 3 month backpact trek through Europe; maybe when I grow up I can do those……….

    I have to tell you however; I live in Central Florida and I’m only an hour’s drive from some of the best beaches in the world. I might be biased, but the beaches on the Gulf of Mexico are hard to beat.

    That’s my story for today and I’m sticking with it.

  4. Ah, yes, Savannah is a favorite of mine, too–understated and unforgettable.

    I’ve been to 26 countries, with more distant ones on tap in upcoming trips. A recent favorite was China earlier this year that was simultaneously stimulating and perplexing. Here’s why:


    Egypt was on tap last November. We saw President Mubarak in the flesh one evening as we passed a funerary event for a relative of one of his top officials. Little did anyone know at the time how Egypt was about to change and how Mubarak’s life was about to change.

    John W. Gardner wrote, ” The exhilaration of travel has many sources, but surely one of them is that we recapture in some measure the unspoiled awareness of children.”

    Thanks for your insightful commentaries on travel. I appreciate and value your work.

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