Grateful For…

Hudson River
The Hudson River...right outside our windows. Image by Randy OHC via Flickr

A home I’ve enjoyed — in safety and silence — for 22 years, shared for the past 11 years with my sweetie-turned-husband

Our unimpeded and unchanging view, looking northwest, of the Hudson River

Clean, fresh running water available 24/7

The same access to electricity and heat

A life free of violence or threat

Being able to earn a living in my own home in peace and quiet

My lovely husband, Jose

A perfect fall wedding this year in Toronto, surrounded by dear friends and close family


Our good health

His staff job, (and its benefits), which he still enjoys

My Dad’s good health and vigor, still racing around in his black sports car at 82

His partner, who is gentle, loving and smart

Her kids, who we’ve gotten to know a bit, even though they live far away in Seattle and Hong Kong

Good neighbors

Strong and lasting friendships, some going back to childhood

Work that I enjoy and clients who appreciate my skills

Quick and easy access to an excellent hospital, 10 minutes up the road

Good physicians (and health insurance)

Terrific physical therapists who have helped me rehab from three surgeries, so far, with the biggest soon to come

The health, strength and means to travel

The wisdom, advice and comfort of colleagues who also write or freelance for a living

Living in a town so pretty and charming it’s been used as the backdrop to a number of films, including The Good Shepherd, Mona Lisa Smile, The Preacher’s Wife and Purple Rose of Cairo

A hard-working agent

The fact my new book, “Malled: My Unintentional Career in Retail”, is in development as a possible sitcom for CBS

Invitations to address retail executives at three conferences, so far, offering my thoughts on how best to hire and manage  low-wage workers — a chance for a bully pulpit

Editors who value what I offer them, both my ideas and how I shape them

Smart, fun readers like you who (yay!) come by to visit and chat from all over the world, whether Scotland, France, Canada or Australia.

Thank you for making Broadside a part of your life!

What are you giving thanks for this Thanksgiving?

7 thoughts on “Grateful For…

  1. I love your list too, Caitlin! I especially like your “strong friendships, some which stretch back to childhood.” I have the same thing, and it’s really something special. And, congrats on MALLED being considered for a CBS sitcom! You’ll have to keep me in the loop and let me know how that goes. 🙂

  2. What a gorgeous post! We forget (often because of the day-to-day drudgery of our lives) that we have a lot to be thankful for. The lottery of location means that we aren’t born in a developing world where life has no value. For that I’m grateful every day.

    1. Thanks.

      I would disagree that “life has no value” for those in developing nations. I think it has as much value to everyone as it does for us, but living on $2/day, as millions do, is crazily difficult. The disproportionate distribution of wealth and resources is shocking to me, here and abroad.

      1. I should have been more specific. In many parts of Asia, where I have travelled extensively, life is hard, and there is much poverty, for example, Vietnam. However, the people are happy and work hard to provide for their families. There is an industrious joy there. When I was thinking of developing nations I meant Africa specifically, and the many nations that live under dictators and warlords, and are subject to civil war and genocide. It has been documented time and again that human life is perceived as having no real value in those particular places.

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