Four Epiphanies

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It’s been quite the year. Here are my four (major) epiphanies for 2011, three pleasant, one not so much…

Why I work

Earlier this year, I took a fascinating test offered to me gratis by James Sale, a British businessman who found me on LinkedIn. His company, Motivational Maps, helps companies and workers find the best possible fit between their deepest personal values and their job. After taking this quick but incisive test, you’ll learn whether you most want to be a Builder, Friend, Star, Director or other role.

I emerged as a Creator and Seeker, which surprised me, but explained a lot. It clarified a wearying battle between my desire for a higher income and my joy in doing good work that satisfies me.

I’ve been duped for decades

The details are too grim and convoluted to share here, but I learned this year that my mother has been lying to me for a long time, relying on my ignorant goodwill. Words fail me on this one.

I’m spiritually hungry

I did an eight-day silent retreat this summer with Jose. I dreaded it, but learned a lot and came away moved and inspired: by the Buddhist teachings, the spirit of community, the wisdom and humor of our teachers and some new, helpful ways of thinking and behaving. (Visit my website if you’d like to read my piece about it from November’s Marie-Claire.)

Spending time in natural surroundings nurtures me deeply

For a New York Times story, I spent eight hours in a Central Park thicket studying wilderness survival techniques, which reminded me how much I love being outdoors, in nature, far away from machines and noise and screens and things that blink and beep. If 2012 allows, maybe it’s the year I finally buy a canoe, small sailboat or kayak so I can get out on the Hudson River and really enjoy it!

Have you had any epiphanies this year?

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7 thoughts on “Four Epiphanies

  1. I love spending time out in nature too, I find it inspiring but also rejuvenating for the body and mind. It’s part of the reason why I like being away from the city and just visiting it on occasion to visit my brother, there’s just so much openness where I live and nice little nature preserves to visit.

  2. Wow, those are some powerful epiphanies. Go the sailboat on the Hudson! I can’t say that I’ve had any epiphanies this year, just a cementing of beliefs that have become stronger and stronger throughout the year. The last couple of years have been difficult for me emotionally, but I’m still kicking, so I must be getting stronger 🙂

  3. Hi There! I have no idea how you found my blog, but yours really resonates with me. I “lost” my job earlier this year and worked in a brand new ethical fashion shop in London’s Notting Hill for a few months. I returned to my professional work, but remain a trusted broker for these guys and spend my free time scouting my continent for talent. My epiphany this year was realising I was a lot more than a project manager working in the power engineering sector. I am a food artist who gets energised at the very sight of fresh fruit and markets. And with the capacity to pull whatever it is out of my sleeve to make things happen, somehow I found the time to juggle everything I am doing, and totally, utterly and completely loving it!.

    1. Thanks for your comment and for subscribing…I found your blog the way I find all the blogs I comment on…I pick a few tags or topics every morning then roam around til I find something that catches my eye.

      Glad you’ve found some new skills to enjoy. It’s a fantastic moment when you realize you’re capable of so much more and can savor it.

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