The Cat’s Away!

Golf Channel on NBC
Nope, not this week! Image via Wikipedia

Nice way to describe my husband, right?

But he’s gone on a business trip for 16 days, probably the longest time I’ve had the place to myself in a dozen years of co-habitation.

Jose is (God bless him) a Very Tidy Person. I’m…less so. So now I get to revert to my single/slovenly ways. Yay!

While the cat’s away, this mouse gets to:

leave dirty dishes in the sink

fill the bedroom with flowers

blog at 2:00 a.m.

not have to move to the sofa because he’s snoring so loudly

not have to move to the sofa because I’m snoring so loudly

eat out of the pot/frying pan

leave piles everywhere — clean clothes, dirty clothes, shoes, whatever

not even think about what’s for dinner

eat….whatever’s in the fridge

eat out

sprawl like a starfish across the bed

not have to change the channel back from The Golf Channel

shop on-line ’til my eyes melt

read in bed without fear of disturbing his sleep

not care if my cellphone is dead, which I generally prefer it to be

start the day with noisy rock radio (he normally meditates)

call in the middle of a meeting (oops! he’s two hours behind) to ask…which channel is HBO2?

email him all sorts of fun stuff I find on-line

do the laundry myself (ugh)

fix the damn toilet

miss him like crazy

When your sweetie/spouse is away and you have the place to yourself, what mayhem ensues?

19 thoughts on “The Cat’s Away!

  1. Nine months of almost constant vegetarian culinary experimentation
    Sleeping in the middle of the bed
    Play with girlfriends
    Ditto you in emailing interesting/silly/inside jokes
    Shaving my legs only when I intend on wearing skirts/dresses (shh!)

  2. I am a solo parent with one daughter who is just about out of the factory, and is not home much. Consequently, I am lucky enough to have lots of alone time. I don’t take it for granted, that’s for sure 😉

  3. I love how you refer to your hubby as the cat! There isn’t much mayhem from me since my hubby-to-be travels all the time and he will be traveling next week. I mainly watch the girly TV channels he’d never watch with me, clean a little bit, and I’ve been doing some online shopping too. 😀

  4. Caitlin, I’ve been married over 30 years and I figure my husband (away for a week in Asia even as I write this) has been gone for over half of that time on business trips. I have a lot of single or divorced friends who think they would still be married if their husbands had traveled as much! When the kids were little, I resented his being away….but when they grew up and moved away, well….I’m with you…. enjoy 🙂

    1. Of course it’s really different — harder! — if you have kids and become, even for a while, a single parent with twice the workload.

      It’s been interesting; a week since Jose’s been gone and we’re having some tougher conversations by phone (and good ones) that in some ways are easier long-distance by phone with time to think about them and not, literally, be in one another’s faces.

      We’re also keeping a eye on one another through our Facebook pages. It’s a hoot.

  5. I actually become tidier when he’s away, because I clean up after the dinner I made as opposed to waiting for him to do it according to our loosely followed I-cook-you-clean arrangement.

    I also watch bad romantic comedies. And I plot out these solitary evenings with delight (no matter how simple they may be)!

  6. I remember growing up, whenever my dad was working out of town, my mom would make “Western” food. “Western” to my Chinese mother always meant salad, spaghetti and meatballs and sometimes, Campbell soup.

    PS. Almost finished Malled! I really like it so far – will let you know when I post the review. I hope The North Face didn’t give you any trouble!

    1. Cream of mushroom, pea and tomato are my favorite Campbell soups.

      Glad you’re enjoying Malled! No hassles (yet) from The North Face. The book was carefully reviewed by several lawyers before it went to press.

  7. I like being able to surf the net guilt free, and sit writing for hours without worrying about neglect. Because it can leave her wondering what is so good about it.

    I travelled alot in my early career. And with my first wife the phone calls were the worst. Communication horror stories.

    Ah well, gone but not forgotten. Happier times now.


    1. I think there’s a fine line of enjoying time alone and away from one’s spouse — and feeling neglected and resentful. My husband is very good about calling me every morning and we catch up for about 20 minutes, and we email as well. That helps!

  8. We have been married only seven years (both second marriages) and it is only I who have been away for more than a day, visiting family. It was always nice to have times alone when he was at work during the day. However, now we are medically retired, he is always home and I have to go out for a while at times just to have a little ‘me’ time. But that’s all good.

    1. I’ve heard of couples who’ve never spent time apart. We really need it…I’ve been gone for as long as three weeks and I hope to do some more solo travel this year. We both work in the same field, are often worn out from work and it’s restorative to NOT focus on the same stuff all the time. This time alone (which is depressing and annoying to realize) has made me see I have very few hobbies or outside interests I allow time for…like my drawing and painting and photography, or taking some classes.

      When Jose gets home, after being gone for 12 hours, he wants dinner, dinner with me and time together…I’m stir crazy after all day alone! Not a great combination in this respect.

  9. Generally, doing anything i want, anytime I want it (which is generally, not the appropriate time to do this stuff). My other half’s a stickler for routines, and I’m allergic to them, so it’s always good to have some time to just do whatever I want, whenever I feel like it. He rarely stays away for more than a few hours at night though, so you can be sure I’m right there making the most those few hours if i have them!

  10. Sounds like we have similar partners — fussbudgets! It’s been a real break to not have to run around tidying up before he gets home. I just don’t care enough about the mess to endlessly fuss with it all. But it’s not fair to impose it on someone else.

    I am fed up working and living in the same small space. I wish I had ONE extra room to make a damn mess — and leave it there for weeks if it pleases me.

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