Winter Sounds Like This

Ice Ledge
Image by Bob.Fornal via Flickr

The radiator hissing

The whirring hum of the floor heater

Howling wind

Bare branches clacking like some spooky typist

Groaning, cracking sheet ice on the river

The crackling, popping and hissing of a fire

Coffee gurgling in the pot

Clink of a teaspoon against bone china

Scraping of skates against fresh ice

Skis swishing through snow

Frozen feet stamping

The muffled thump of mittened hands slapping one another for warmth

The ker-thump! of a snowball hitting its target

The slhllllllump! of a wet pile of snow slithering off a roof

Crunch of feet across salt/gravel

I know that some of you — lucky things! — live in warm places, or places where our North American winter is your summer

What does winter sound like where you live?

10 thoughts on “Winter Sounds Like This

  1. crgardenjoe

    Love your list. One sound that I thought was missing,which I lack the eloquence to express in your concise poetic terms, is that special rippling crunch of a boot sinking just a little into dry powdery snow, so that a person walking across the yard makes a series of long, low, crunching steps. It’s lower and longer than the salt/gravel crunch.

  2. Yes! I love the fresh smell of extreme cold and I love the dense sound of stillness when cold and snore absorb the sounds around you. I love it for one day….then I’m okay with melting. Edmonton this week… -40 windchill values

  3. winsomebella

    You brought winter to the page…….love it. A sound I think of is deep snow sliding off of the metal roof at my home in the mountains. It sounds nearly like the crash of thunder.

  4. We’re in the middle of a heatwave now (40 C, 104F) so I will offer you an alternate from the antipodes:

    Summer smells like:

    Aerogard on hot skin
    The sharp, cool tang of lemons in ice water
    Light smog of a distant bushfire
    Earthy smell of sweat – yours and everyone else’s!
    Sweet rot of dried, fallen leaves
    The industrial bake of terracotta tiles
    A promising hint of salt from the ocean

    and almost always

    That special smell of a newly opened, ice cold stubby of beer I haven’t got the words for ๐Ÿ˜€

    Phew! I’m off to drink another gallon of water now.

    1. LOVE this! ๐Ÿ™‚

      I am in New Orleans til tomorrow and, occasionally, I catch the whiff of mould, of old stone and old wood. Very specific smell.
      I look forward to being home in NY tomorrow where I smell woodsmoke from others’ fireplaces.

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