Say a little prayer, please!

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This morning, while it’s still dark here, we’re driving north up the road to my local community hospital to have my left hip replaced.

My husband, Jose, is taking three weeks off to stay home with me, (blessedly able to have that much paid time off and willing to nursemaid me), and a friend from our church has offered to coordinate meals and drives when he needs a break.

She, too, will be with us as she recently had bypass surgery and knows the drill all too well.

I’ve tried for weeks to wrap my head around the idea that a foreign object — the ceramic head made (je suis ravie!) in France, the rest in Warsaw, Indiana — will become part of my body.

In the United States, where 47 million people suffer (as I do) from arthritis and millions are obese or overweight (guilty), 200,000 of these procedures are done every year. It’s hardly unusual. But that doesn’t make it any less scary. My hip was destroyed, ironically, by the drug given to me in May 2010 to reduce severe inflammation, producing AVN. Beware!

Thanks to friends who write on these issues, I’ve got checklists on how to try and avoid infection; one friend wrote the book on MRSA.

Please say a little prayer — or a big one — for me!

I hope to be back here with you in four or five days, and Jose may post in the meantime.

17 thoughts on “Say a little prayer, please!

  1. Caitlin – Thinking of you. I had this done in 2006 – the result of an ill-formed hip socket that had caused me problems from childhood. You will ultimately be amazed at how wonderful you feel 3 months from now and question why you chose to live with the pain for so long. Prayers for a speedy rehab.

  2. Hope the surgery goes smoothly … like Cindy White’s comment, I’ve only heard positive responses from people who’ve had this done.

    One blogger/author I read regularly has had both hips replaced and seems to be very pleased with the results.

    Looking forward to updates, let us know when you feel up to it or perhaps you might allow your husband to follow up through a guest post.

  3. Thank you all for such kindness! Cindy and Elizabeth, I need to hear how great (eventually!) I will feel….

    I put it off for two years because, in plain language, I was scared and I also needed to line up sufficient income (being wholly self-employed) to cover my standard expenses for 6+ weeks recovery. Many people who’ve had this op. warned me that I need to focus all my time and energy on rehab for at least a month or two and working while pain-medicated isn’t much fun. My pain level has not been high, but it has been 24/7 and I’m worn out from it.

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