My greatest weakness is…

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La bildo estas kopiita de wikipedia:fr. La originala priskribo estas: Six fromages (du centre, puis dans le sens des aiguilles d'une montre) : Valençay, Ossau Iraty, Bleu d'Auvergne, Époisses, Cœur de Neuchatel, Saint-félicien. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was talking to a friend who’s a doctor who admitted he can’t be safely left near any large container of ice cream. It’s all or nothing.

Made me think what my weakness(es) might be.

Sadly, it’s a long-ish list, including:

Tabletop. Anything used to set a table, from bowls to linens to candlesticks. Yes, yes, all of it! I love to set a pretty table and entertain, so I collect anything charming in aid of same. Jose threatens often to de-bowl me as I keep bringing them into our small apartment.

Antiques. Specifically, jewelry, textiles, prints. Anything from 1860 and earlier, and 18th century and older is a big draw, if more difficult to find here in the New World.  We live in a one bedroom apartment, with very limited space to add anything new. But (yes, I admit) we also have a garage. And a storage locker. OK, several storage lockers. Small ones.

Scarves. As someone who loves to travel and pack lightly, scarves are a fab way to make the same outfit look different every day, doubling as shawls or even sarongs when necessary, adding warmth and style.

Almost anything French. My new hip even has a ceramic head made in France. Chic! Having lived in Paris for a year and traveled to France many times, j’adore les choses francaises. These include everything from my polka-dot apron and mini-juicer, both bought in Paris, to a funky little Art Deco perpetual calendar to my super well-cut black cotton jacket whose elegant proportions are so utterly not made in China.

If you’ve never heard the late, exquisite chanteuse Barbara or the raspy Mano Solo, check them out.

— Cheese. Speaking of things French. My friend who loves ice cream went into a little lusty haze as he began rhyming off some of his favorite French cheeses: Brie, Camembert. I’d add Cantal, Roquefort, Gouda, Cheddar, fresh creamy Mozzarrella. Yum!

— Beer. As a Canadian, this is a legitimate weakness, as some great brews come from my home and native land. If you ever get to Quebec, try to find this gorgeous apricot tinged ale. Love Magic Hat No. 9, Hoegaarden and Blue Moon (even though it’s really made by a major manufacturer of really bad beer, Coors.)

Jewelry. Thank heaven for a husband who indulges me! I buy a ring to mark major life moments, like the silver one I bought at Saks when I sold my first book and a gold ring, with the impression of an ancient Greek coin, bought from a local designer, when it was published. I love wearing my Deco earrings from the LA flea market, my pottery ring from Mesilla, NM and my pendant charms found in Atlanta.

‘Fess up, mes cher(e)s…what are some of your weaknesses?

15 thoughts on “My greatest weakness is…

  1. Goldfish (the crackers). If I don’t watch myself I can eat a truly unbelievable amount.
    Cardigans. I have one in ever color of the rainbow and none of them get enough wear.
    Lipsticks. I’ve a drawer full!
    Artisan chocolate. I buy it at every opportunity. Much to my waistline’s annoyance.

  2. Photography – I still buy them considering we’re planning to sell out and head off around the country for a couple of years. Every now and then I come across a good second hand deal on Amazon and HAVE to have it. In my defence, it’s the only way I’d ever manage to study the masters, so i’m justified. I think.

    Notebooks – per your other post. Still picking these up. But I do make myself use them. So technically, they’re a utilitarian buy….

    Chocolate – It’s all or nothing with me for this one. Once I am in contact, I’m uncontrollable. I can walk away from ice cream, or lollies, but chocolate has a draw like no other…

  3. Oh, I loved this post on addiction. I adore books so much that I’d spend my grocery on them. I’ve recently purchased a Kindle and it’s like an alcoholic owning a bar, like a chronic over eater owning a deli. I can’t stop. It’s just so easy to click-purchase. What else in life is that easy?

    1. Thanks!

      I stay very far away from bookstores for the same reason. I treated myself to a new book recently for a 6-hr flight, but ended up talking to my seatmate. Now I have a new book to look forward to. (I try to use library books to feed my addiction affordably.)

  4. Lays plain potato chips, tea, fake Converse Chucks, mohair socks, raisin bread, Scrabble, cuddles with my little boy and silver jewelry from the Green Gecko (gift shop in my village). Now I want chips.

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