But it’s exactly what we wanted! How did you know?

Wedding Gift
Wedding Gift (Photo credit: INIJIE)

It’s summer and, in North America anyway, it’s wedding season!

If you’re getting married any time soon, be sure to practice this phrase.

Because you will get some seriously weird shit as wedding gifts.

If your wedding gifts are given in cash, score! No such luck for me.

Here’s a blog post about the 10 items couples should register for, but never do…

Every time I watch the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and see the couple get a house — a house?! — as their wedding gift from her Dad, I wonder what that would be like. (My Dad gave me a knife set for the first wedding and a set of sterling salt and pepper dishes for my second.)

We recently got a belated wedding gift from a friend we see fairly rarely. He gave us…a gong. So cool!

Jose and I are now competing to see who gets to ring it first/most/most often and under what circumstances:

— come to bed, at once!

— you’re snoring. Off to the sofa!

— breakfast/lunch/dinner is served

— time to drive me to the train station

Unlike a toaster/blender/vase, you’re fairly unlikely to get multiple gongs. Maybe not even one.

My favorite nuptial gifts, (from both of my weddings) have included:

– a pair of binoculars

— a picnic basket

— a mini-blender

— a drawing of several nautical knots (get it?)

— a gorgeous wide, deep bowl perfect for pasta or parties

— a gift certificate to one of our area’s loveliest restaurants; (this from a couple who live nowhere near us, who did their homework)

Don’t wait too long to select or send your wedding gift. One friend waited almost two full years after attending my first wedding.

Her gift arrived just in time for…my divorce.

And here’s a website where you can actually get a refund if this happens to you, oh generous gift-giver!

What’s the best wedding gift you received?

Or gave?

The worst?

11 thoughts on “But it’s exactly what we wanted! How did you know?

  1. Socioknit

    Oh boy, my husband and I got what seemed to be a wonderful set of cooking pots and pans, when we discovered that they were deliberately not non-stick and a heinous pain to clean. I should have known; it was from my mother, who believes non-stick cookware is made of deadly chemicals. Now we have to use deadly chemicals just to get them clean. o_O

  2. I must say, almost everyone (thankfully) stuck to the registry. But we did receive some very cool handcarved napkin rings that once belonged to my great-grandparents. Heirloom gifts are my favorite.

  3. My wife and I got a lot of cash and gift cards and house things because we were just starting out, but the best thing we got was a $1,000 check from her grandpa. LOVE THAT MAN!

  4. Given plenty of gifts for weddings … mostly all to with the consumption and presentation wine or food … there’s a common theme in there 😉
    Never gotten married … never saw the point really but the loot that some people collect from their weddings is at times astounding. I’ve seen cars as presents and really quite useless things repeated … like the latest kitchen gadget given three times … but each time in a different colour.

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