Huge snowstorm now hitting New York area. Enough already!

It’s hard to make this up….with tens of thousands

New York City in Winter (NASA, International S...
New York City in Winter (NASA, International Space Station, 01/09/11) (Photo credit: NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center)

of New York and New Jersey residents already suffering after Hurricane Sandy without heat, light or even a home, we’re now in the midst of a huge snowstorm with high winds. I just measured five inches of snow on my sixth-floor suburban balcony, so thick and deep I could barely shove the door open against it.

My husband, again, is staying in Manhattan at a hotel (paid for by his employer, The New York Times) but this time sharing a room with his co-worker of four years, whose own wife is now huddling in a small studio apartment with her own daughter because she has no heat or light.

The euphoria (for some of us) of last night’s win by Barack Obama is now tempered by the freezing, windy, snowy reality of a closed railroad on Long Island and a closed highway there as well.

I’m lucky, right now, to have heat and light and a generator for our building. I know and like my neighbors. I made a huge roast chicken and vegetables tonight and baked banana bread and painted bookshelves, oddly grateful to be snowbound….as a native Canadian, I miss snowstorms and their silent aftermath.

I stocked up today with dozens of batteries for the radio; have multiple flashlights and candles and plenty of food and water in the apartment.

But I’m not pregnant or old or frail or ill or caring for small children, as many others are here tonight, some of them huddled in three layers of clothes and four layers of blankets in their dark and cold homes.

Please say a prayer for them!

10 thoughts on “Huge snowstorm now hitting New York area. Enough already!

  1. As I write, I’m saying this in my head right now: “God of Jacob, please protect Caitln, her friends, and her fellow New Yorkers and New Jersey-ites. Let them regain warmth, let them be nourished, and may they have shelter and safety in their time of need.”

  2. Thank you for caring so much and for writing so well about your concerns. I agree totally about the many societal side effects (all bad!) that have developed since somebody somewhere decided that wages for people at the pinnacle of an organization should be many many many more times larger than those for people at the lower and bottom levels. Hasn’t anybody heard about what happened after the rank and file got tired of Louis XVI and the Russian Czars?! I’m not advocating violent revolution, just pointing out that gross inequities don’t make for a long-term stable society. Capitalism is fine as long as it doesn’t polizarize everyone into haves and have-nots.

  3. Gosh, I really, really feel for those without heat or power, it must be extremely hard.

    I am glad however that you have warmth and shelter and can enjoy the magical qualities a snow storm can bring – I love cooking too when its snowing outside.

    Congrats on a wonderful result this week – a large sigh of relief can be heard from most of Europe…

  4. Sending positive thoughts and energy toward everyone in New York and New Jersey. I only hope that the reality of this situation opens the eyes of the many who have been unwilling to admit the truth that many things need to change, starting with how we help each other.

    Stay safe and warm!

  5. I know several who are still without heat and power from the Hurricane, and who knows how much longer it will be? So many with homes that are now uninhabitable, let alone comfortable. It is great to see everyone pitching in and doing what they can, this has been devastating for the region. I’m thankful it’s going to be warmer over the next several days, hopefully it will make a difference.

  6. It is shocking…but I heard a power company guy on Brian Lehrer this morning explaining why it can be such slow going. The weather is to be in the 50s the next few days, so the snow and ice should soon disappear.

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