And for 2013…

Now you finally get to meet Jose...
Now you finally get to meet Jose…

I wish you all the best!

Excellent health, steady income, many cups of Earl Grey tea, glorious sunsets and ferociously enveloping hugs. Whatever your dreams may be, I hope you’ll take the first (or second or fifteenth) steps toward attaining them.

For those of you who have not yet read my Welcome or About page, I’m Caitlin Kelly, a New York-based author and journalist, who writes frequently for The New York Times. Some of my journalism, and my two non-fiction books, are here. I grew up in Canada, and moved to the United States in 1988.

My new book, “Malled: My Unintentional Career in Retail” will be published in China — !! — in March.

Broadside continues to grow daily, with a variety of readers that leaves me gobsmacked — high school students to seniors, Spaniards and Australians and fellow Canadians and Indonesians, a Ghanaian charity, a pastor-to-be in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a yoga teacher from Cobourg (coming to take your class later this month!), a journalism professor from Iowa, a photographer from Perth, an immigration attorney from Houston, a Jordanian medical student, musicians and artists and writers and moms-of-six. More than 3,300 people have joined so far.

I met Michelle, author of The Green Study, in Minneapolis in October, and hope to meet Elizabeth, who writes Gifts of the Journey about her life in rural England, and C, moving to London, and author of Small Dog Syndrome, in England this summer.

Mrs. Fringe and I have a coffee date in a few weeks as well; a thank-you to her, to Rami Ungar and to C. for their comments, (which my annual tally from WordPress tells me makes them the most prolific here.)

More comments from those who’ve yet to speak up, please!

We’ve enjoyed much lively, intelligent debate here, and I’ve really appreciated your input. With so many readers worldwide — especially when I blog on American political or economic issues — we have a chance for some serious dialogue.

In a global economy, the smartest choice we can make is to connect across borders and ideologies and truly try to understand how the world looks to others many time zones away.

Please email me, or comment here, on what you’d like to see more of at Broadside (or less); one reader has suggested interviews and Q and A’s with some of the interesting and accomplished people I know in various fields, which is a neat idea, so I’m working on that. Also, possibly, more reviews of cultural events (books. shows, art) I think you’d also enjoy.

I’m also always looking for amazing blogs to follow — please share a few with us that you find consistently fab? What do you love about them?

My professional hopes for this year include selling two new non-fiction books, creating a woman-only, invitation-only conference next fall, working with a new assistant, telling more interesting stories and doing more well-paid public speaking.

Personally, enjoying as much time as possible with Jose, (as we head into our 13th year together), some travel (Newfoundland is on our list, as is Paris and London), deepening my friendships and staying healthy. My father is still super-healthy at 83, so we’re heading north to Ontario this month to visit him and see dear old friends.

What are some of your hopes for 2013?

38 thoughts on “And for 2013…

  1. Nemesis

    Woman only conference?

    Ms. Malled, the shame! You do realize that an unintended consequence of staging yet another GirliesOnly event will be to drive yet more disaffected ‘chromosomally challenged’ into loin cloths, sweat lodges and ‘drum circles’…

    Never mind. Will there be whiskey tasting and cigars?… Hmmm… Could be worth trying a “Tootsie” and shopping the notes to the LadMags!..

  2. I have high hopes for 2013 as well! Looking towards a career change and downsizing more of the stresses in my life. So far that task has been delightful! From your blog I would love to see more of the same variety! I love shopping with you in Manhattan, I love reading things that challenge me and require an opinion of informed thought, I also quite enjoy your musings that include beautiful surroundings both home and in travel. I’ve been a huge fan since August 2012. You are the second blog I ever subscribed to. Happy New Years!

  3. All the best for 2013! It will, I think, be the proverbially interesting year all round. For authors, I suspect, not least because the Penguin-Random merger (which seriously affects me – they’re my two main publishers) is a harbinger of what’s to come.

  4. Wishing you all the best for 2013, Caitlin–and a bonus pleasure to “meet” Jose 🙂 I truly enjoy the mix of politics, professionalism, musings, and inspiration that you present here in Broadside. I would love to hear more about your world as a freelance writer. I *love* the idea of a women only conference, and curious as to what the intended focus would be. I am determined to get back on track with my writing this year, and hope to continue to grow Mrs Fringe.
    Looking forward to seeing you soon!

    1. Thanks…

      I’ll tell you more about the conference when we meet.

      I have a number of posts lined up about freelancing and writing, so lots more of that to come. I may start a separate blog this year just for my writing-focused advice.

  5. antonferrie8

    I hope that life gets better. I hope that my family and friends get happier and healthier. I hope that I get into drama school. I hope I become better in every way. I hope my vision expands. I hope that the world becomes more compassionate. I hope that all of the bad things that I know of in the world are eradicated, and that we as a species (as grandiose as that sounds) learns to live better, to live our best life.

    And I hope that love prevails. And that there’s always room for more chocolate.

    All the best for 2013 Ms. Kelly – from a humble British Broadside follower.

  6. Happy New Year Caitlin and Jose. I’ve been so pleased to find your blog this year and have most enjoyed the variety of topics covered. I do love people with opinions!!

    For 2013, I’m working on getting those two novels published, increasing the profile of both of my blogs and having a happy family life. Also keeping my paid job bosses happy 🙂 All the best to you and yours! The Mom-of-six 🙂

  7. thebrokegirl

    I hope to complete another half marathon by March and my first full one this year (26.2 miles!). I’d like to find a full-time job ASAP- but you knew that. It would be great to spend more time visiting with family in other states and sell a painting or two. I’m thinking this year will be a big growing period for me, as times of transition always are. Cheers to the new year!

    1. I have a very strong feeling you will be fully employed by the end of 2013, and likely much sooner. Best of luck with all your goals…I really like that there’s such a healthy mix of physical, emotional, artistic and work. Having that balance almost certainly will help your job search, if only (which is a lot) because you continue to live, and enjoy, life in the meantime.

  8. Late to the party as usual, but a Happy, Happy New Year to you and Jose! May 2013 bring health, happiness and much fulfillment to you both.

    And congrats on Malled in China! Wow, that is absolutely massive.

    My hopes for 2013: to stop being so tentative, to just get out there and live my life on my terms. To have courage to face my doubts and fears. Essentially, to quit existing, and live.

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