1. “Bloody brilliant” writing here. Thank you for leading by example and encouraging other women to use there voices more.

  2. Thanks! This is such an important topic. Women have so much to say but some tend to stay quiet for fear of….who knows?

  3. here’s a far less important question: shouldn’t it be “female experts” instead of “women experts”? i see it written “women _______” constantly, but it feels wrong. nobody would say, “we need a men expert to help with this.” we would say “male expert.” true? no?

  4. Indeed.

    As long as we are quoted, call us whatever you like!

  5. […] and Perspective and perception: the privilege or problem of living with one’s parents. -How many women experts did you hear today? Not enough! -Oh man, Spice Girl nostalgia. I loved to hate the Spice Girls back in the day (aka sixth grade), […]

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