Trivia time! Are you smarter than a NYC reporter?

By Caitlin Kelly

English: New York, New York. Newsroom of the N...
English: New York, New York. Newsroom of the New York Times newspaper. Reporters and rewrite men writing stories, and waiting to be sent out. Rewrite man in background gets the story on the phone from reporter outside. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last week I went back to defend our title in the Asian American Journalists Association annual trivia contest, which The New York Times won last year, beating The Wall Street Journal, Fox News and others.

Each company can bring a team of ten, and the goal is to raise funds for scholarships and other AAJA programs. Being a trivia fiend who once qualified for Jeopardy, this is my kind of night!

It was held in a beautiful ballroom on Broad Street, at very southern end of Manhattan, a half a block from the New York Stock Exchange. It’s a part of the city I never visit, where all you can see are thin slices of sky barely visible above the narrow, steep canyon walls of skyscrapers. Guys with gelled hair in costly suits stride past, weary from a day of moving millions, or billions, of dollars.

It also reminded me, sadly, how terrifying 9/11 must have been down there as thousands of people ran as fast and far as they could from the huge dark cloud of dust and debris that chased them through those narrow streets.

The event brought out a combined team from CBS/ABC, from General Motors (the main sponsor) and others, including AARP, who were nothing if not consistent — dead-last in 8th. place the whole evening.

We were tied for fourth through the first four rounds, suddenly ascending after the fifth round to second place — but losing by (shriek) three points. But we had a blast, got to know some new people and are even more determined to re-claim the Tea Cup next year.

The raffle prizes must have been bid on by our table alone as we kept winning them. I scored a $450 three-month health club membership for my $20 worth of tickets. Cool!

So, my dears, here are some of the 60 questions lobbed at us.

No Googling!

Which actor has won the most Academy Awards?

What is the best-selling album of all time?

What is the longest-running scripted show on American television?

From which novel did the company Starbucks get its name?

How many oceans are there?

What is the capital of West Virginia?

Pluto was re-classified as a planet to….?

Which dinosaur turned out not to be real after all?

What is the name of the spacecraft that landed on the moon?

Which two lawyers argued the Scopes monkey trial?

Which designer currently heads the Fashion Designers Council of America?

What was the 48th. state?

What is the only even prime number?

What country lies directly north of Germany?

Who is the founder of Standard Oil?

Which President is the only one to have held a patent?

Which American athlete has won the most Winter Olympics medals?

Which fashion designer took over after the death of Alexander McQueen?


29 thoughts on “Trivia time! Are you smarter than a NYC reporter?

  1. themodernidiot

    Total fail. Do NOT call me to sub for the team.

    What is not a fail, however, is your addition, placement, and juxtaposition of paragraphs two and three. Effing nailed it!

    Congratulations on the prizes. Sounds like everyone was a winner that night.

  2. Ok, I will give it a try because I have no pride whatsoever: Paul Newman. The Beatles White Album. Seinfeld. Star Wars. Three. Not good at capitols. Planet to star. Brontosaurus. Apollo. I used to know one of the lawyers but now forget. Thakoon. (I know, nice try.) Alaska. Two. Austria. Rockefeller? Thomas Jefferson. Don’t know. I used to know but now I forget. Want me on your team?

  3. Where are the answers? Ok, no googling, I hate to cheat. Tom Hanks, Thriller, Days of Our Lives, Little Orphan Annie (the novel) 🙂 7, damn, I used to know, a star, brontasaurus, Apollo 4, Darrow & ? (you know–Frederick March & Spencer Tracey), Donnna Karan, AZ, 124 (ha!) Netherlands, and the last 4: dunno X4. Did I mention I’ve given up coffee for the week and this is day 6? Great fun, Caitlin! It doesnt surprise me you’d be good at this!

    1. There were a few basic science q’s…I don’t remember them all, but you’re right. Categories included U.S. History/Landmarks, Sports/Fashion and Journalism.

      Fox did not show up this year.

  4. Thriller, Sarah Burton took over for McQueen, 7 oceans, Pluto is now a moon, 2 is the only even prime number. Shawn White won the most olympic medals? shah I hope so, he’s my hero!!

    I think that’s all I really can guess.

  5. William Jennings Bryan & Clarence Darrow! It just came to me. Now don’t ask me who played who–Tracy was the liberal with the suspenders. I think Mariah Carrey beat out Thriller, which is a travesty, if so. Apollo 7? Still working on W. VA…Charlton? Charleston? I used to live on Charlton St. It’s late, but I had to check back and see if you posted answers.

  6. If we’re allowed to use Google, I can totally rock this. 😉

    That’s really impressive that you qualified for Jeopardy! How many people can say that?! That’s awesome! I’m terrible at trivia! I envy people like you. Fun post!

  7. I know I’m a bit late but here are my “answers” (please consider each to have a huge question mark after it).Did not google or glance at previous responses.
    1. Robert deNiro (or Daniel Day Lewis), 2. Michael Jackson’s Thriller, 3. All in the Family (or The Simpsons if animation counts?), 4. No idea although there’s a character on Battlestar Gallactica named Starbucks :), 5. 10, 6. pass, 7. X something, 8. pass, 9. Apollo something, 10. pass, 11. hmmm, wild guess, Dianne von Furstenburg, 12. Alaska, 13. 0, 14. Italy, 15. pass, 16. Benjamin Franklin, 17. I don’t know, but must be a skier, 18. Sarah something, it’s on the tip of my tongue!

    Now you know how little I know about anything, haha! Glad you had fun and won that awesome raffle prize!!

    1. You did good, missy!

      DDLewis, yes; Thriller, yes; The Simpsons, yes; Apollo something, yes, so partial credit; DVF; yes; 12, no; 14 and 16; no and partial credit for 18 as that is her first name.


      1. Cool! At least I got the entertainment questions somewhat right. DVF was a total shot in the dark. Aren’t all the spacecrafts “Apollo something”? I do feel really silly for saying Italy to #14 because as I now recall under Italy there is only water. D’oh. Still, that was fun!

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