Want to study writing/blogging with me? Please take my brief survey!

By Caitlin Kelly

This has been an idea of mine for a while — offering my services to you as a teacher or one-on-one coach.

As some of you know, I’ve taught feature writing at New York University’s School of Continuing Education, where I created a class still being taught there, legal and ethical issues in journalism, and to undergraduates studying journalism at Concordia University in Montreal and Pace University in New York.

With more than 30 years’ reporting, writing and editing experience, my credentials and awards are on my website.  

My magazine work includes More, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Ms., Marie Claire, Ladies Home Journal, Family Circle, Smithsonian, Sports Illustrated, Art & Antiques, Town & Country and many more.

Thanks to my staff work as a reporter for the Globe and Mail, Canada’s national daily newspaper; the Montreal Gazette and the New York Daily News, the 6th-largest newspaper in the United States, I can help you quickly gather useful sources and produce lively, accurate copy, whether 500 or 5,000 words.

New York Daily News front page on August 9
New York Daily News front page on August 9 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve written two well-reviewed non-fiction books on complex national issues, both of which required many original interviews — 104 for my first book, about women and guns. Where do non-fiction book ideas come from and how do you develop one? Let me tell you how to “save string.”

I’ve interviewed everyone from Olympic athletes to Prime Ministers to convicted felons — and can teach you how to talk to anyone within minutes, put them at ease and gather great information and quotes. How do you structure an interview? When do you lob the hardball questions? People think interviews are easy. They’re not! But they are essential to every non-fiction project.

I’ve sold my personal essays to The New York Times, USA Today, Marie Claire and others; one of which won a Canadian National Magazine Award. Let me help you shape yours!

This blog grows daily, now with more than 6,000 followers worldwide. I’ve been Freshly Pressed six times, a goal for many of you. Let me help with that.malled cover LOW

Feel free to email me at caitlinvancouver@yahoo.com.

I’d like to start teaching this fall, but would like to get a sense how many of you — if any! — have interest in this, and in which topics.

If so, please take this survey! The results are for my use only.


18 thoughts on “Want to study writing/blogging with me? Please take my brief survey!

  1. Caitlyn,
    I am excited about this prospect. Love your work and ease writing style. I would be most interested in personal coaching! Can’t wait to hear what you decide!

  2. Caitlin, I think you are invaluable. If I were at a different place in my life right now, I would be a student. I have about 40 canvases left, lots of paper and when I have used it all up, I am going to retire from art and concentrate on my writing. As it is I am at my limit although still reading a lot about poetry and poetry writing. Always wish you the best in all your endeavors. You are a force to be reckoned with.

  3. Totally am. Mulling the survey questions. What I most need to learn depends on what I most want to write in the near-ish future, and I hadn’t thought about that recently.

    1. I find that my writing goals tend to shift as well. The agent liked my proposal (!) so that might get more of my attention soon…I feel a little dis-oriented now having spent so much time preparing it.

      Happy to help out. I really appreciate all your comments!

      1. That’s wonderful!

        I had actually never written nonfiction before I started blogging. I was always more of a fiction writer. But I’m enjoying this.

  4. Yes, most definitely!
    I have been granted an assignment to write a piece for a college alumni magazine about alumni winemakers. I did a couple interviews recently and realized I have no idea what to ask. I would LOVE a coach for this piece. I’ve taken a couple classes and considered one for this piece but your customized counseling would be a million times better!

  5. This is awesome, Caitlin! I’m catching up so hadn’t heard that your proposal was well-received. Such great news! I know there’s still more work to do, but at least you cleared that hurdle. As for the coaching… are you kidding? I would love to work with you, as I’m sure many will. You are a gem!!

    1. That would be very cool!

      Now awaiting agent’s next steps…we have to offer it first to Portfolio (under the terms of my Malled contract) so we’ll see what happens. If/when there is a sale, I’ll blog it here, certainly.

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