Twenty more things that make me happy

By Caitlin Kelly

— My black cashmere turtleneck

— Driving a winding country road in late afternoon sunshine

— The soft, white silence specific to fresh snowfall

— The sound that skates make carving into the ice

— Making a delicious meal for someone hungry and appreciative

— Laughing with Jose

—  A glossy, slippery pile of unread British magazines — Vogue, Country Living, World of Interiors

World of Interiors
World of Interiors (Photo credit: qwincowper)

— A glossy, slippery pile of unread French design magazines — Cote Sud/Est/Ouest, Marie Claire Decoration, Elle Decor

— An upcoming flight, preferably to a foreign country

— A large, icy-cold martini; (Tanqueray, dry, olives, no ice)

Tanqueray (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

— Speaking French

— The sillage of a delicious fragrance, a crisp classic like 1881, Blenheim Bouquet or Caleche

— Gratefully applauding until my palms sting after a spectacular performance of music, dance or theater

— A fierce hug

— The white French bulldog with the jeweled hot pink collar who lives in my building, who explodes with joy when she sees me and lets me adore her in return

French Bulldog
French Bulldog (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

— A country auction, returning with a car full of affordable loot

— An hour’s conversation with someone I love

— A stack of new books

— Croissants slathered with raspberry jam

— Paris, anytime, any season

Bonus: staring into a roaring fire in a fireplace, firepit or woodstove

How about you?

32 thoughts on “Twenty more things that make me happy

      1. I’m safe. My nearby bike route made national news with a dramatic washout but that’s only because the real damage was elsewhere and inaccessible.

  1. What a great exercise on a rainy Saturday morning. The day does not start off well until I have had at least a half hour to myself to read the news and just wake up, along with a few cups of very strong Peet’s coffee w/half & half. That makes me happy and usually starts the day off well… to hear about yours 🙂

  2. This is timely for me, yesterday I had massive cabin fever (being unemployed) having little friends as of yet and being coped up because of horrendous rain! I’ll write some down in a blog today as I’ve been feeling a little MIA, from my normal self lately. Thanks Caitlin!

    ps: I love french bulldogs, they are so energetic and silly. They make me smile too!

  3. Ah, for me, the best is about to arrive- crisp Fall days; the sound of biting into a juicy ripe apple; fall leaves; taking a nap in the cool, quiet basement under a cloud-soft white down comforter; Scotland; breakfast on the deck of a cabin in the pines.

    I’m with you on “Driving a winding country road in late afternoon sunshine”- something very Grace Kelly-esque about a drive, a convertible, and deep autumn sunlight.

    Add these lists to things that make us happy!

    1. Yes to all of yours! We just spent a perfectly blissful cool/gray afternoon indoors reading three papers and enjoying one another’s company.

      Scotland…I spent my 12th summer there, in a tiny stone cottage in Perthshire, and remember much of it. So beautiful!

      I did have a red convertible (stolen in 1993 and pillaged for parts. shriek) so I long deeply for another…

      Thanks for playing! 🙂

  4. The warm-up exercises in my tap class. I find myself smiling uncontrollably while I’m dancing them, and it’s too early in the class for me to be completely exhausted yet. 🙂

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