Twenty more things that make me happy

By Caitlin Kelly

Česky: Granny Smith
Česky: Granny Smith (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

— A crisp apple — a Jonah Gold or Granny Smith — sliced, with sharp cheddar cheese

— The huge flock of starlings that flash toward our windows every late afternoon, swooshing into the sky

— A tall, cold glass of beer, probably a weissbier

— A Sunday afternoon nap beneath a woolen throw

— The BBC News theme music

— Re-playing our wedding reception mixtape, which includes the Clash, Sinatra and the B52s

— Wandering the narrow cobble-stoned streets of Manhattan’s West Village

— Buying tea and coffee by the pound at Porto Rico Importing on Bleecker


— Lighting all the candles for dinner, votives and tapers


— Balvenie on the rocks

— Receiving hand-written thank-you notes on heavy stationery

— A steaming cup of tea (possibly with a piece of chocolate or two on the side)

— Making my first-ever stuffed pork loin (stuffed with panko, fresh sage, fresh thyme, garlic, onions and chicken broth)

— Late-afternoon sunlight through crimson leaves

photo: Jose R. Lopez
photo: Jose R. Lopez

— The smell of jet fuel — imminent take-off!

— The white Christmas lights on our balcony, lit year-round

— Getting lost inside a great book

— The unexpected arrival of my very own personal cephalopod (thanks, Sarah!)


— Wearing my burgundy fur headband, a la Lara in Dr. Zhivago


— Driving out to Coney Island to see a baby walrus, eat Nathan’s hot dogs and wave at the Statue of Liberty with my friend Sarah from Tucson


16 thoughts on “Twenty more things that make me happy

  1. You like wonderful things, Caitlin and I would like every one of them as well. Well, maybe not the beer. You look fabulous as Lara. Right now I am in Tucson for the winter – I listen to the sparrows singing morning and afternoon, the sun is out, a light breeze, the fountains are going in the yard, flowers and cactus are planted – I love all of it.

  2. Hey, you can never go wrong with your own cephalopod. I love Granny Smith’s too. I have a green antique chair (lime coloured) with green apple curtains, and I like to set a green bowl of Granny Smith’s on the table to complete the ensemble. It’s a lot of green but the combination creates a minimalistic vision that I really appreciate. Cute hat, by the way. :0) You may or may not already know this, but the late afternoon sun is called the “Golden Hour”, and it’s the best time to take pics because it casts a golden glow on everything. They say 7 or so in the morning and 7 in the evening both create golden hour lighting- I’m nuts about it. Anyway, thanks for sharing the list. I like a good Stout, myself. :0)

    1. Jose is a professional photographer and I take a lot of photos as well…so we do know the golden hour. The light quality is very different then.

      I like the sound of a lime colored antique chair.

  3. Great idea for a post, especially good to think about on these almost-gray days….inspires us to think the same. Love the cephalopod and you in that great hat….

    1. Thanks! I love my octopus…Sarah and I had seen them at the aquarium gift shop and she sent it to me later.

      I actually look forward every winter to putting on that’s actually a headband of fur.

  4. Cindi

    OMG! We get our coffee (and you, earl gray tea) at the same place. I have the same exact bag sitting in my cabinet, filled with divine ground coffee beans.

  5. What fun. 🙂
    Jose is your photographer-husband, right? That picture is absolutely gorgeous. I’d love to hear your wedding mix too. If you’re on Spotify, you should make a playlist. 🙂

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