Twenty more things that make me happy

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By Caitlin Kelly

Česky: Granny Smith

Česky: Granny Smith (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

— A crisp apple — a Jonah Gold or Granny Smith — sliced, with sharp cheddar cheese

— The huge flock of starlings that flash toward our windows every late afternoon, swooshing into the sky

— A tall, cold glass of beer, probably a weissbier

— A Sunday afternoon nap beneath a woolen throw

— The BBC News theme music

— Re-playing our wedding reception mixtape, which includes the Clash, Sinatra and the B52s

— Wandering the narrow cobble-stoned streets of Manhattan’s West Village

— Buying tea and coffee by the pound at Porto Rico Importing on Bleecker


— Lighting all the candles for dinner, votives and tapers


— Balvenie on the rocks

— Receiving hand-written thank-you notes on heavy stationery

— A steaming cup of tea (possibly with a piece of chocolate or two on the side)

— Making my first-ever stuffed pork loin (stuffed with panko, fresh sage, fresh thyme, garlic, onions and chicken broth)

— Late-afternoon sunlight through crimson leaves

photo: Jose R. Lopez

photo: Jose R. Lopez

— The smell of jet fuel — imminent take-off!

— The white Christmas lights on our balcony, lit year-round

— Getting lost inside a great book

— The unexpected arrival of my very own personal cephalopod (thanks, Sarah!)


— Wearing my burgundy fur headband, a la Lara in Dr. Zhivago


— Driving out to Coney Island to see a baby walrus, eat Nathan’s hot dogs and wave at the Statue of Liberty with my friend Sarah from Tucson


  1. You like wonderful things, Caitlin and I would like every one of them as well. Well, maybe not the beer. You look fabulous as Lara. Right now I am in Tucson for the winter – I listen to the sparrows singing morning and afternoon, the sun is out, a light breeze, the fountains are going in the yard, flowers and cactus are planted – I love all of it.

  2. Did you get a new theme, Caitlin? It’s nice. Very calming and relaxing.

  3. Hey, you can never go wrong with your own cephalopod. I love Granny Smith’s too. I have a green antique chair (lime coloured) with green apple curtains, and I like to set a green bowl of Granny Smith’s on the table to complete the ensemble. It’s a lot of green but the combination creates a minimalistic vision that I really appreciate. Cute hat, by the way. :0) You may or may not already know this, but the late afternoon sun is called the “Golden Hour”, and it’s the best time to take pics because it casts a golden glow on everything. They say 7 or so in the morning and 7 in the evening both create golden hour lighting- I’m nuts about it. Anyway, thanks for sharing the list. I like a good Stout, myself. :0)

    • Jose is a professional photographer and I take a lot of photos as well…so we do know the golden hour. The light quality is very different then.

      I like the sound of a lime colored antique chair.

  4. Great idea for a post, especially good to think about on these almost-gray days….inspires us to think the same. Love the cephalopod and you in that great hat….

    • Thanks! I love my octopus…Sarah and I had seen them at the aquarium gift shop and she sent it to me later.

      I actually look forward every winter to putting on that’s actually a headband of fur.

  5. OMG! We get our coffee (and you, earl gray tea) at the same place. I have the same exact bag sitting in my cabinet, filled with divine ground coffee beans.

  6. What fun.🙂
    Jose is your photographer-husband, right? That picture is absolutely gorgeous. I’d love to hear your wedding mix too. If you’re on Spotify, you should make a playlist.🙂

  7. […] post was inspired by Caitlin Kelly’s posts about all the things that make her happy. I got to thinking: there are ALOT of things that get up […]

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