Thank you!

By Caitlin Kelly

It’s sometimes easy to forget that attention is a gift. We’re all busy, tired, distracted.

So when readers come to Broadside — for one post, or several — I know it’s a choice.

It’s been amazing and inspiring for me to “meet” people from around the world here, even just from reading your gravatars when you sign up to follow. Several of you have become good friends, from London to L.A.

Newest followers include a dancer/choreographer and playwright from Tel Aviv, a retired history teacher in Florida, a country singer from Nashville, and a suburban mum in Britain.

You are one seriously diverse audience!

I appreciate your comments, and especially so when you finally decide to join the conversation — I know many of you lurk, silently. Please weigh in!

London (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

It’s been a new privilege to start teaching and coaching, and the response has been terrific, with students coming from Australia, New Zealand, California, Virginia and other spots. Working with Skype is great, as we can see one another and exchange ideas and laughter. The other day, I waved to three small children in Adelaide as their mum and I were about to start a session. So fun!

Selfishly, coming back to teaching and coaching has also offered me a needed and welcome break from the usual routine of pitch/sell/write/revise. As a full-time writer, I’m an intellectual production line of one — the old brain gets tired!

It’s been great to leave my apartment, meet new clients face to face and begin to expand my teaching to other places. It looks like I might be teaching at NYSID, my former school of interior design in Manhattan. I really love teaching, and I’ve missed it. It’s fun to share my skills and help you meet your goals.

Writing well isn’t easy!

For some odd reason, people now think it is or should be or want it to be.

Great writing is really the end product of clear, focused thinking: about topic, tone, voice, diction, rhythm, intent, mood. It has many moving parts, and until they spin together without friction, you’re more likely to hear the nasty grinding of gears than the smooth humming you’d prefer.

So, dear readers, and those of you placing in your trust in my skills to teach and coach you, you’re very much appreciated.

Thank you!

24 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. Congrats on the teaching opportunity! I was just thinking to myself…
    That it feels as though I am in school again as I was revising and fine tuning my writing yesterday. You’re my wise teacher. So thank you for helping me.

  2. Roy

    Thank you!

    I’m afraid RSS feeds and the exact procedure for “following” another blogger is something I haven’t cared to figure out, but I visit your page! Always very interesting, and, yay, the writing is coherent! I have found that my standard rejoinder to my English teacher (well . . . you knew what I meant . . . ) just doesn’t really cut it in the real world, and I wish that were more generally understood. My English teacher would have loved you.

    So you might even say for this time of year I’m appropriately thankful for the good web sites and blogs that I read. Happy holidays to you all.

  3. i am new to blogging and i am an aspiring writer and i was looking for really good writer’s blog to follow, and i just happened to click on yours……have been reading your posts and they are so inspiring and i hope to learn a few things from you and congrats on your teaching job opportunity……thanks

  4. And we certainly appreciate being able to read your musings, exhortations, challenges, and revelations each week. You stimulate us to think in different ways about subjects we thought we knew everything about, and for that we’re grateful.
    I’m still seeing an increase in readers and comments after taking your class and working on implementing the techniques we discussed- woohoo! Thank you for taking time to distill your experience into transferable knowledge.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you & Jose!

  5. rich

    Your blog is insightful and you are a thinker..the sessions sound like a good idea…would you ever consider having a podcast that one could pay for and download? I emphazise the “payfor..” knowledge should no be given away for free…

    1. Thanks for the kind words.

      A few people have asked me for this. I have to figure out (!?) the technology and may well do so in 2014. I have to admit, selfishly, I really love the personal contact of teaching….but this is a good idea, and thank you for the suggestion and interest.

  6. Steve

    May you and Jose have a most blessed day of thanks together. We all too often tend to focus on all the ‘things’ we DON’T have in our lives instead of pausing to give all mighty God the thanks He deserves for giving us all the things we DO have and take for granted. I read your blog almost every day and quite often find myself disagreeing or thinking completely opposite but I just want you to know that I am grateful to you in ways you probably can’t really imagine. Lets just say you make me think and sometimes even feel, and that’s a good thing!. Steve

    1. Now that is a serious compliment! 🙂

      I’m honored you find the blog worth your time — I know you’re a very busy guy. I also think we’d all be better off if we could somehow respectfully hear/read/converse with people who think so differently from us. Even when you and I disagree, as we usually do, I’m damn glad we HAVE those debates.

      Thank you for the kind words…Jose is working at the paper all day, so I’m glad for the company of friends…holiday lunch at 3pm today.

      Have a great Thanksgiving!

  7. Nadja

    I very much appreciate what you wrote about writing. It is true doing it well is not easy. I am still a beginner, but the fact to writing down my thoughts makes my day meaningful and joyful. After each published article I feel like I have organised my mind also I did one step to make my dreams come true. Wonderful feeling! Let me wish you all the best to continue teaching and to find many more happiness in it! Yours Sincerely

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