How’s your blog doing?

By Caitlin Kelly

Many of you are also blogging — whether for fun, for visibility, to improve your writing, to make friends. Maybe to evangelize for issues you care deeply about, like feminism, faith, education reform, fitness or social justice.

Some of you run a business — music, cooking, coaching, photography — which a well-written blog can also help, by conveying your visibility, authority, credibility and personality to potential clients.

Some of you have also had your work chosen by Freshly Pressed, WordPress’ daily pick of nine posts from 400,000+ blogs on the WP platform. If you’re not reading them regularly, I urge you to visit now and again.

I started blogging here in July 2009, and, now with 1,500+ posts, have been Freshly Pressed six times; here’s one of mine they chose, from August 2012, about why it’s so important to say thank you.

I blog three times a week — frequency is one essential key to building and growing an attentive audience.


If you’re eager to gain more readers, boost engagement or have your blog catch the eye of an editor or agent I can help!

I hope you’ll sign up for my next webinar, Better Blogging, on Saturday Feb. 1 at 2pm EST. The webinar is via Skype, costs $125 for 90 minutes and will offer you more than 30 specific and practical tips to improve your blog.

I can also take time, before we begin, to look at your blog and read a few posts to get an idea of your tone, design and content and offer you useful, constructive feedback, if desired.

Here’s a former post with specific tips, a taste of what we talk about in the webinar.

Here’s a testimonial from Jonelle Hilleary, a blogger in D.C. who took this webinar last fall:

I have to say that since that time, after thinking carefully about what we learned and discussed, I have sustained a 644% increase in new readers over the last 3 months- at least many are seeing my work and coming back, according to the data. So for others who may be weighing commenting, this is a great opportunity to make a new acquaintance with some awesome knowledge.

Sign up here!

Questions and concerns? Please email me at

17 thoughts on “How’s your blog doing?

  1. Steve

    Probably read about 15 different blogs, albeit most of them with a more conservative slant than yours but I must say I really do enjoy your site. I have found that very few people with a left leaning perspective are ever able to support their position intellectually. I almost always can understand WHY you feel the way you do on different issues. Even though we very seldom agree, sometimes even surprisingly, you ALWAYS make me think and I think that’s a good thing. I’ll bet after about three beers we could fix all the problems in the world. Thanks for the time you spend, it IS appreciated!! Steve

    1. Thanks! I wish there were more places to have the conversations you and I have had — and STILL keep talking. 🙂

      May I use your kind words as a testimonial?

      I’m up for those three beers — have to get down to Pennsylvania for them.

  2. If I had the time and funds, I’d sign up, Caitlin. For now, I’ll do what I’ve been doing. So far it’s been working. I’ve got nearly 20K views and almost 500 followers. It may take a while, but I’m getting to the popularity I’ve always dreamed of.

    1. Time you can always find if it’s a priority. Make me an offer of what’s affordable, and maybe I can offer you a student discount. I’ve been thinking about that.

      But congrats — that’s great progress and you must be very pleased.

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  4. Steve

    Absolutely, I’d be honored. I’ve actually thought about starting a blog for a new business my oldest son and I started about five years ago but don’t really know how to get started. I’d have to get him to write it, I can tell you everything I know in about three minutes. Thanks!

    1. So, I’ll see your or your son on Feb. 1st?

      The webinar is NOT just for writers, but anyone who wants their blog to be full of excellent content, highly legible and accomplish their business goals — one of my students last fast is a therapist in upstate NY who uses her blog to attract clients and I may have another student this time who runs a coaching business, who has the same goals.

      It would be fun to finally put a face to the name.

  5. I enjoy your blogs and I am sure it will be a great webinar! You do an especially great job letting your personality come through.

    I just wanted to say that there is one general “Truism” of blogs I have found not to be true for me. I know readers are skipping around and just scan, but all my blogs on Psychology Today are very long and very thoughtful about controversial issues or about developing skills on relationship life or death kinds of topics. I do believe there is a market for some people and some subjects–especially once the writer has a name–for blog pieces to go into more detail rather than be light and short. People make a lot of comments, and then more comments to those comments, and pretty soon I have got 60 people participating and thousands of views. Luckily, these are also things I can use in the books I write.

    1. Thanks!

      I agree entirely. It’s one of the things I noticed as well, here; many of my posts are 500-800 words, but some have been 1,500 words and extremely well-read. My sense, as you have seen as well, is that readers are simply hungry for smart, well-written content (and data seem to back this up) in whatever format they find it. I think the web is now just one more platform in which to access great writing, and length is not the primary issue.

      Having said that, I do sometimes see posts that are just too long. Some topics really deserve length, but some posts are just too wordy.

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