Twenty more things that make me happy: lilacs, tea and B’way tix

In beauty, culture, design, domestic life, life, nature on June 1, 2014 at 12:48 am

By Caitlin Kelly

(all photos mine)



Lilacs in bloom

Looking at gorgeous (affordable!) fabric and planning projects; available for sale here.











Starting Saturday mornings with reggae on WKCR, the radio station of Columbia University

Doing developpes to B.B. King live at St. Quentin my Monday morning jazz dance class

Scoring a $41 fifth-row orchestra seat for “Once”, a Broadway musical nominated for eight Tony awards (value $100+)

You can attend a mid-week matinee!

You can attend a mid-week matinee!

The tree-shaded path beside the reservoir, a five-minute drive from our home in suburban New York

This delicious macaron — named Ispahan, rose-flavored! — at Bosie’s Tea Parlor in the West Village


Manhattan’s many subway buskers, like this literal one-man-band playing in the 42d Street station


My Moomin mug (anything Moomin!)



The visible history found in Manhattan, like this cast-iron building on Prince Street in Soho


Found art, like the graphic design of this weathered metal piece also on  Prince Street


Driving on the FDR — the highway on the East River of Manhattan — with tugs, barges and FDNY fireboats spouting fountains beside me

A steaming pot of fragrant tea, sipped slowly from a bone china tea cup


A Bloody Mary and the cheese and Ritz crackers at Sardi’s sitting at the bar with my husband on a Sunday afternoon

Ritz crackers and their tart cheese spread

Ritz crackers and their tart cheese spread

Making a great Sunday lunch for dear friends

Finding bits of eccentricity where you least expect them, like this tableau in a Soho clothing store


The comfort of small, well-loved portable pals


Patina…on just about any surface


Early stained glass — this, from a Philadelphia church


Heading north/home to Canada — family, friends and vacation. Yay!

Do you speak Canadian?

Do you speak Canadian?

 And you, my dears?

  1. I love this idea, how about doing a tag? let me know

  2. Wth? That Canada list doesn’t have spies on it.

  3. I love these posts. Currently, a batch of tulips and a promise of a delicious dinner tonight in Notting Hill!

  4. Yes! The macarons at Bosie’s are wonderful. I think my favorite is pistachio. Let me know the next time you’re stopping by.

  5. Great post and enjoyed the photos. What kind of camera or lens were you using? Lilacs are a favorite. And now … out for an a.m. walk – something that always makes me happy as I greet the day.

  6. an absolutely fab list, caitlin, as always. by the way, once is one show i would love to see live, i loved that little movie, music and all. as for me, i love getting muddy in the garden, walking in the sun, playing with grand babies and hearing them laugh, listening to music with my eyes closed, sharing a glass of red wine on a romantic date in the early evening.

    • Thanks…

      I really enjoyed “Once” although some people find it a bit thin. It’s not big on plot, as you know.

      Raising my glass of Cote du Rhone in your honor!

  7. 🙂 What can I say. These things make me smile.

  8. You had me at Broadway and Bloody Mary’s. Not to mention a macaron. You’re my kind of gal. And you’ve reminded me to have a cup of tea or glass of wine tonight and watch the sunset. Thank you.

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