Welcome! And you are…?

By Caitlin Kelly

photo: J.R. Lopez
photo: J.R. Lopez

So, Broadside keeps growing — and thanks for stopping by!

But, even though I look at every new follower’s photo and website, if you have one, I’m always very curious who’s here and why.

If you haven’t read my About and Welcome pages, I’m a journalist living just north of New York City, in a lovely small town on the Hudson River. I start teaching writing and blogging soon at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and at the New York School of Interior Design, where I studied in the 1990s.

I write for magazines like Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire but also write on business for The New York Times and others; my husband is a photo editor at the Times. I’m also the author of two non-fiction books, “Blown Away: American Women and Guns” (2004) and “Malled: My Unintentional Career in Retail” (2011).

And I coach writers, both individually and through webinars.

Personally, I love to travel, cook, entertain and read. I take jazz dance and choreography class and play co-ed softball, usually second base. I was born in Vancouver, Canada, raised in Toronto, Montreal, London, Mexico and moved to the U.S. in 1988; my mother was an American citizen which allowed me to have a “green card”, the legal right to live and work here indefinitely.

I speak French and Spanish and head out on foreign trips as often as I can afford to.

My solo week in Corsica, July 1995, was one of the best of my life!
My solo week in Corsica, July 1995, was one of the best of my life!

Please tell me a little bit about who you are!

Where do you live?

What sort of work do you do? If a student, where and what are you studying?

Favorite band/musician/song?

Best place you’ve ever visited and why?

What other blogs do you follow/love?

What brings you here?


56 thoughts on “Welcome! And you are…?

  1. Where do you live?
    In a small college town right outside New Orleans.

    What sort of work do you do? If a student, where and what are you studying?
    Aren’t we all students? I help run a small family owned group of radio stations.

    Favorite band/musician/song?
    Depends on the day of the week. Just listened to an old gospel song on one of our stations. I don’t even like gospel but it hit me at the right time and the right place.

    Best place you’ve ever visited and why?
    Anywhere with the wife and kids. We did DC last Christmas. I lived in that town and wasn’t the biggest fan. But seeing my kids as they learned about our country and explored that great places and spaces, well, that was just about perfect.

    What other blogs do you follow/love?
    Any that catch my eye and deal with writing, or media, or who knows???

    What brings you here?
    A lucky stumble. Enjoying the blog.

    1. Thanks for being the first! 🙂

      Radio is my favorite medium of all…I’m always tuned into WNYC, WFUV and WKCR, which is Columbia’s station — they play reggae every Saturday morning which has become one of my rituals!

      Your work sounds so cool. Glad you found this place, even by accident.

  2. Where do you live?
    I live in the Netherlands, in a lovely small university town called Leiden.

    What sort of work do you do? If a student, where and what are you studying?
    I work at a large insurance company, helping (mostly Dutch) clients with any problem they may encounter while abroad.

    Favorite band/musician/song?
    Naming just one is always tricky, so let me name 3 that I have always returned to.
    Mercedes Sosa, K’s Choice, Maná

    Best place you’ve ever visited and why?
    As my musical taste illustrates a bit, I grew up in South America and I recommend every one to visit any country in the Andes region. Those mountains have my heart, from the tropical rainforests at their feet to their snowy peeks. Mellow people with warm hearts. Ecuador is a great place to start!

    What other blogs do you follow/love?
    A friend of mine is on an incredible hitchhiking adventure through Eastern Europe, which you can find here>> http://hitcheast.com.

    What brings you here?
    I can’t really remember, hahaha! I think it was one of your pictures that caught my attention. I love the idea of asking your followers who they are. I don’t wuite enough followers to get much results from me inquiring, but I might try it out! 🙂

    1. Thank you! I’ve only been to the Netherlands twice — Amsterdam and Rotterdam. It’s great to have a European reader here; I really try to get a mix of perspectives when people comment.

      I was in Peru many years ago. It’s gorgeous…and sunrise over the Andes is unforgettable.

  3. I don’t remember how I found you. Maybe it was the name. Broadside. I like that. I stayed because you write about everyday things I can relate to. And write well, of course. I like that because my goal is to write about the things I encounter on a daily basis and make them bigger. I don’t always follow my own rules, but I suppose that’s good.

    Process engineer and writer. I blog about whatever comes to mind and about change.

    The Isle of Man was fascinating. Like a Georgian time capsule.

    And folk music. A sucker for anything with a fiddle.

    Cheers and thanks.

    1. Thanks! Now I’m super intrigued to visit the Isle of Man…I’ll be in England in January for 2 weeks and have never been to that spot.

      Do you know (?) Leo Kottke and John Renbourn’s music? Fantastic guitar work. And Kaki King.

  4. I live in the US. I would have to say my all time favorite band (because I like almost every one of their songs) is Led Zeppelin. I can never think of a favorite song when I need to. Lol.

    I found you through Kristen Lamb’s blog. I don’t remember what you’d written, but your comment in one of her posts must’ve gotten me curious about you and what you write.

    I mostly read other blogs pertaining to psychology, abuse and personality disorders and is my main reason for ending up at WordPress.com in the first place. However I do like to read about other things too. I am more of a writer wanna-be and mostly I journal here. At least for now.

  5. Where do you live?
    Near High Park in Toronto, Ontario

    What sort of work do you do? If a student, where and what are you studying?
    Freelance technology writer, aspiring self-published author (2 books in the pipe) and technical trainer (would like to do some more of that soon)

    Favorite band/musician/song?
    no one favorite, but I’m rediscovering the Spin Doctors and a politically incorrect song on their early ’90s album “Pocket Full of Kryptonite”

    Best place you’ve ever visited and why?
    Ecuador. Lived there 10 months. Learned things I couldn’t learn from a book, and that I needed to learn.

    What other blogs do you follow/love?
    lots, too numerous to mention here, from tech to fellow writers to health and fitness, and so forth

    What brings you here?
    Decent writing, opinions, and the actual time I need to at least skim what you write, if not mull over the thoughts you take time to post here.

  6. dabaudoin

    Where do you live? I am currently in Kentucky, but moving back to Phoenix, AZ in the fall after 11 years away.

    What sort of work do you do? I currently work in customer service, but my passion is writing and activism. My goal is simply to leave the world a better place than I found it, in whatever way humanly possible.

    Favorite band/musician/song? Can’t narrow that down. Music is everywhere, in the fabric of creation, and I enjoy the diversity of it. if you want to hear something cool, check out Years (http://traubeck.com/years/) which is music played from tree rings using a special turntable. Also, YouTube has tracks from Space Music: Symphonies of the Planets created by converting the magnetic waves of planet into sound (http://www.stufftoblowyourmind.com/blog/symphonies-of-the-planets/).

    Best place you’ve ever visited and why? I lived more in 5 days in NYC than in the rest of my life combined, but it wasn’t the best place I ever visited. That would have to be Sedona, Arizona. The magic of that place is intangible, and I feel renewed and refreshed every time I visit. It’s beautiful and peaceful and ancient.

    What other blogs do you follow/love? Robert Reich (http://robertreich.org/). Bill Moyers (http://billmoyers.com/). Daily Good: News that Inspires (http://www.dailygood.org/).

    What brings you here? I love your blog, and I saw the request for hullos! Also, this was a nice distraction from working on my post (yeah, I’m struggling this afternoon).

    1. Thanks!

      Sedona is really something…I was there in June 1994 but have never forgotten it…was also recently in Phoenix visiting a friend on my way driving up from Tucson to the Grand Canyon. That state has such spectacular scenery…

      NYC really is a bit overwhelming. I enjoy its intensity even on a day visit; we live just north of the city so am not subjected to it every day. Fall and spring here are fantastic, and I love to just wander the East or West Village.

      Good luck with the post!

    1. I have a photo of me (from our local paper) at bat…but on in the field. I don’t catch well enough to play first (we have an amazing woman, older than I, who does!), a fellow writer. I also don’t have the skill to pitch. I hit really well, catch decently, throw well enough and run OK. When I’m on it, I am often lead-off hitter or DH. 🙂

  7. Where do you live?
    In Western Wisconsin, on the Mississippi River

    What sort of work do you do?
    I’m Executive Assistant at a women’s health clinic. I’m also a writer working on my first book.

    Favorite band/musician/song?
    I adore Serena Ryder. She’s from Canada!

    Best place you’ve ever visited and why?
    South Korea. Great people, greater food, and my first time hiking in the mountains.

    What other blogs do you follow/love?
    A lot. But consistently…August McLaughlin, She’s a Maineiac, Jenny Hansen.

    What brings you here?
    I took one of your webinar classes through WANAcon. Wanted to keep in touch. I was a retail slave for 6 years and plan to write about my experience as well. 😉

  8. Steve

    I live in southeastern Pennsylvania about thirty miles west of Philadelphia in a small town ofPottstown. I own a laser engraving business for the last six years, a general contractor for about 35 years. I have 5 sons ranging in age from 35 to 20 and I’m married to a wonderful woman for the past almost 36 years. Two boy grand babies and two more on the way this November. My wife and I do a lot of camping and traveling around seeing what we can see.

    I think I found your blog by accident and the first time I read anything you wrote was an article you wrote about your frustration with a time in your past with The Big Sisters organization and the plight of a little girl that fell through the cracks despite your best effort. I must say, I almost never agree with any of your politics but I ALWAYS find you passionate and honest and able to present your views in a manner that I find refreshing as I know that I see things in black and white and without much compassion. you make me think and feel when I so often forget to. My gues is that we could probably sit down together, throw back a couple beers and discuss just about anything, disagree on just about everything and still enjoy each other. That’s why I read your blog

    I love to camp and hunt and fish and be outdoors. Music wise I’m into blues guitarists, my favorite being Joe Bonamassa. I enjoy bluegrass when I can get it. I love to read but almost always non fiction and mostly always historical in nature, American almost exclusively, don’t care for Europeans, Asians and loathe Muslims especially but that’s just me.

    I don’t know how to put my picture up, not much to look at anyways.

    1. You’re a lot nearer by than I’d imagined! That beer might actually happen…

      Congrats on the grandkids-to-be (and actual.) I’m flattered the blog/my writing has had that effect. There’s really no greater compliment!

  9. Marion

    Where do you live? Christchurch, New Zealand

    What sort of work do you do? If a student, where and what are you studying? I took early retirement a few months ago but before that I was a public librarian for many years, most recently working in my library’s web team.

    Favorite band/musician/song? I like all sorts of music, folk music especially. The Chieftains are long term favourites.

    Best place you’ve ever visited and why? I think Venice would be my favourite. A city without cars and with most tasks done by boat has a very special feeling. Walking everywhere for a week opened up more experiences than the usual tourist madness. And it was just beautiful and to a human scale.

    What other blogs do you follow/love? Mostly NZ blogs covering books, politics, culture but internationally love Guardian, Spitalfields Life, Apartment Therapy, David Leibovitz, The Selby

    What brings you here? Good writing, interesting and sympathetic points of view, new ideas

    1. Thanks! I was in NZ in 1998 but only on the North Island…and would love to return.

      Love the Chieftains! I have only one of their CDs…Long Black Robe.

      Venice, indeed. It has such a special quality to it. Jose and I really want to go there in the winter one year. I visited Mariano Fortuny’s studio and loved that.

      Must check out Spitalfields Life..it’s a great neighborhood. I’ll be in London in January and look forward to visiting it again.

      Glad it’s working! 🙂

  10. Where do you live?

    I live in Vienna, Austria (as of 2 weeks ago). Previous residence – the UK.

    What sort of work do you do? If a student, where and what are you studying?

    I am a law student from the University of Kent doing an erasmus year at the Universität Wien.

    Favorite band/musician/song?

    It sounds corny but my favourite band is Abba and I love Voulez-vous…

    Best place you’ve ever visited and why?

    The Kutna Hora church just outside of Prague. It was deeply chilling but astonishing to marvel at.

    (https://www.google.at/search?q=kutna+hora+church&espv=2&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=s_XxU46_JcaI4gTajoHIAQ&ved=0CAYQ_AUoAQ&biw=1366&bih=643 )

    What other blogs do you follow/love?

    I love blogs about travelling, law and politics from real, honest people. There’s something special about blogs being personal but at the same time so distant which draws (I presume) everyone in.

    What brings you here?

    I like your honesty, your frankness and the fact that you are a darn good writer!!

      1. In Europe, there is something called Erasmus. It’s where you extend your degree by one year and spend a year in another country at a partner University or doing a work placement- the aim is to experience new cultures and encourage movement (I think) 🙂 You do the same subject but it enables you to learn a new language, do new topics and explore what you want to do!

        I hope that’s a coherent explanation!

      2. It sounds absolutely brilliant — and might be a cool story idea. Do you know if Americans ever participate? (they generally do their study abroad then return and/or get a fellowship for that.)

        Who funds it? What does it cost? Is it competitive or can anyone do it? Sorry to pelt you with so many questions but it’s so interesting.

        When I was 25 I was chosen (from 300 applicants) as one of 28 journalists from 19 nations to spend a yr in Paris and travel Europe…with the same goal. It changed my life. Sadly, they ran out of funds and it closed after a few decades. I never saw the world the same way since — it just seemed (and this blog has confirmed that to me as well) that the world is filled with smart, kind, interesting people and we need to find ways to meet and get to know them.

      3. Erasmus specifically is just within Europe (having free open borders help with that). It’s partly funded by the European Union but students still have to pay some tuition fees (a lot less than you would pay in the UK though!). The EU also provides an erasmus grant fund which gives money to erasmus students, it’s pretty cool because the money doesn’t have to be paid back! It is pretty competitive, you have to get the best grades in the year and even then its a fight for where you go. For example – only 2 people a year can go to Vienna; I am crazy fortunate to be here.

        I know a lot of students from America and Canada who come to Europe for a year but they won’t be on the same program. Here is the EU page about erasmus – http://ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/index_en.htm.

        Erasmus here is a great way to get people to move around, I know a lot of people who have already done their year abroad and it’s made them want to travel and live in other countries after University. From what I can see it just makes the rest of the world more accessible (even if I did only make it to the otherside of Europe this time)! 🙂

      4. Thank you very much, I don’t think it’s quite registered with me yet.

        I’ll be focusing on International Law – on the commercial side I’ll be focusing on Mergers and Acquisitions and in another class it will be on International Human Rights. I think I’m doing International Environmental Law next semester as well but I don’t get to pick my classes until September so it’s just an indication at the moment.

        Was your time in Paris the first time you had moved? Did it make you want to move more?

      5. That sounds fantastic. Really timely, interesting stuff.

        I’d moved from Vancouver (birthplace) to London to Toronto before the age of 5; to Montreal at 12, to Mexico at 14…but Paris was by far the biggest move; it was wholly my decision, and also meant leaving behind an apartment, boyfriend, dog, friends, career…It made me want to do a lot more travel and I regret not finding a way to have remained in Europe to live longer. I try to get back there frequently but it’s very expensive to do so — we just bought tickets at Xmas (costly time of yr) and these were each $1,000 plus. This will be my first visit back in five years; I’d ideally like to be back at least annually.

        I don’t like moving — I find it difficult financially and emotionally to re-establish over and over. Between 1982 and 1989 I moved Toronto-Paris-Toronto-Montreal-NH-NY. That burned me out on moving! I’ve stayed in the same apt/town ever since….:-)

        I love to travel. Just hate the disruption of moving so much.

      6. Wow that was a lot of moving at a young age! I am starting to love moving around but I completely agree. The disruption becomes emotionally draining, especially when you are moving on your own.

        Travelling is so expensive, luckily within Europe you can take coaches- they take hours and hours and seem never ending but it does mean you can get from London to Brussels or Paris for less than £15 pounds!

        I like the idea of finding somewhere you want to stay and feel settled; the exiting bit is not knowing where it will be! 😀

      7. Indeed! Some people thrive on constantly changing their surroundings, but I like having a solid, trusted support network — from hair salon to MDs to massage therapists — let alone friends and work, and that takes some time to discover and establish.

  11. sunnykay

    Where do you live? Nairobi, Kenya

    What sort of work do you do? If a student, where and what are you studying?
    I work with documentary films, and introduce them to audiences across Kenya.

    Favorite band/musician/song?I will listen to pretty much every genre at least once. I enjoy sampling other people’s favorites. But, my absolute favorite are African maestros Miriam Makeba, Angelique Kidjo, Hugh Masekela and their musical children, Asa, Atemi, and Valerie Kimani. I keep going back to them, even after journeys and journeys away.

    Best place you’ve ever visited and why? It is always the coastal city of Mombasa, and its environs. It is the best fusion of historic, modern, and fun, all within walking distance of the beach. I have a ton of fantastic memories, and looking to create more in the years to come.

    What other blogs do you follow/love? I follow yours most consistently, and that of fellow Kenya resident BikoZulu.

    What brings you here? I started reading when you wrote about guns and women, and the impact of gun legislation on women’s health, and lives – as I was researching a grad school paper. I have been back ever since. It is not just that you write about your own experiences, but you are able to tell a great story, and tell it well. Most of the people I interact with daily are great storytellers, and anyone who is able to do so online, and consistently, is a thumbs-up in my case. I only wish I had discovered you when I was working on my Masters dissertation in Upper Manhattan a few years ago. I will keep coming back for more, especially as I expand what I am offering on my own blog. Yours is always smart and every surprising.

    1. This is so cool…I was in Kenya many years ago (Nairobi, safari for 2 weeks) and have never forgotten a minute of it. Dying to return! I still have some images I took in Mombasa, back in the days of film…:-)

      What sort of doc’s do you bring in? My father was (still alive) a director of doc’s in Canada for many years.

      If you’d like (?), given your interest in the topic, I’d be happy to send you a copy of Blown Away, which is now hard to find. It would have been terrific to meet and discuss the issues, as it is so complex for women who are so often (as you well know!) victims of violence and stalking.

      Honored that you find the blog worthwhile.

  12. Where do you live?
    I recently moved to Austin, TX with my family. So far, we are loving it here.

    What sort of work do you do? If a student, where and what are you studying?
    I am a managerial reporting specialist (data analyst) for a wildly growing technology company. They let me take my job with me when we moved, so now I work out of my home. I have aspirations to be a published author one day and am currently working on a children’s book. I also have two small boys and they are just as much my job as my “job”.

    Favorite band/musician/song?
    My favorite band is easily Nickle Creek. We are going to see them this Sunday at ACL and I’m quite excited!

    Best place you’ve ever visited and why?
    I think the best place I’ve every visited was Paris. Need I say why? The life and atmosphere of the city are enchanting. The culture is wonderful. If only I spoke french.

    What other blogs do you follow/love?
    I follow a lot of blogs. One of my favorites, Brown Road Chronicles, recently took a hiatus 😦 I am drawn to blogs that touch on a variety of subjects – family, design, current events, writing, satire, art…

    What brings you here?
    I started following you quite a while back because I appreciate the quality and variety of your writing. You are sincere, uplifting, interesting and prolific. You are consistent in your writing – something I cannot always say of myself since my second son was born – and you don’t always write about the same things. Very well done here.

    1. Diana, thanks for sharing!

      Your job sounds super-demanding….plus two children. 🙂

      We’ll be back in Paris for Christmas (my first visit in five long years) and I can’t wait.

      Glad the blog is still worth your time!

  13. Carys Williams

    Where do you live? – Wales (not England, we’re very patriotic about that!) in the UK

    What sort of work do you do? If a student, where and what are you studying?
    I work at an ice cream parlour as my summer job, and I’ve worked there for about three and a half years now! In September I’ll be going to Sheffield to start an English and Theatre Undergraduate degree

    Favorite band/musician/song?
    Ahh this is a tough one! Kings of Leon are my favourite band but last night I saw Neutral Milk Hotel at a festival and they were absolutely incredible, and now I have PGD(post-gig depression)

    Best place you’ve ever visited and why?
    Either when I went to Kenya in 2011 to visit my family who’d moved there, or my trip to New York and Washington DC with my school right in the middle of hurricane Sandy

    What brings you here?
    I don’t really remember how I first started following your blog, but I’ve been reading it for so long that I thought I should comment – so hello!

  14. Hi, wont answer in format ,but here goes..
    I live in Goa, India.
    I work as a veterinarian, that requires plenty of studying anyday, but otherwise I am also doing an year long project to teach myself about the local botany. I have recently moved to the state of Goa on the west coast from the north-east corner of India (2oookm away), so there is much to learn here.
    I like Indian folk and classical music, Rabindranath Tagore’s poetry set to music is what i hum when I do the dishes. I also like American country music, ‘Country roads, take me home’,is a favourite.
    The river Brahmaputra in flood is about the most amazing thing that I have seen.
    The other blog I follow most regularly is called ‘Uncle Spike’s adventures’ , written by Mr Spike , a farmer in Turkey, an engineer , originally from the UK, who has settled there.
    Your blog was suggested to me by the WordPress reader, based on other blogs I like and I am glad that it did.

  15. I’ve been dropping in here for ages and I never realised you were from Vancouver – one of my favourite cites in the world!!

    Where do you live?
    Stockholm, Sweden

    What sort of work do you do? If a student, where and what are you studying?
    I’m a screenwriter/filmmaker and have done just about every day job imaginable!

    Favorite band/musician/song?
    My teenage band was INXS, these days I’m more of a browser, listening to everything from rock to swing depending on my mood.

    Best place you’ve ever visited and why?
    Too many to chose from, but Vancouver was one of my favourite places to live (I went to film school there) – I loved the balance between city and outdoorsy lifestyle, and living in the middle of Davie village, I loved the openness and whatever-goes-ness.

    What other blogs do you follow/love?
    My reader is heaving, and one day soon I will organise it properly so that I can actually read most of those I follow!

    What brings you here?
    I can’t remember originally! Often I find blogs by clicking on an interesting comment, then a comment on that blog, and so on… so presumably that was it!

    1. Ooohoooh, Stockholm! LOVE your city. I was there in November (!) about 20 yrs ago and absolutely loved it. I am very eager to return, but it’s expensive!!! You know it’s costly when NYC feels affordable in comparison. 🙂

      I never lived in YVR…was born and soon moved to London, but have been back many times as my mother lives in Victoria. It is a gorgeous city.

  16. Where do you live?

    Chiang Mai, Thailand!

    What sort of work do you do? If a student, where and what are you studying?

    I moved here to do freelance reporting, but have ended up doing mostly copy editing for the last year.

    Favorite band/musician/song?

    Van Morrison, Tupelo Honey.

    Best place you’ve ever visited and why?

    Inle Lake, Burma – because of all my senses, and because the people there talked to me and were themselves.

    What other blogs do you follow/love?
    This blog by five sisters, a couple of whom I knew in high school. I’m not really in touch with them now, but their blog is adorable: http://fivetdsisters.blogspot.com/

    What brings you here?
    I started following your blog when it was Freshly Pressed maybe a year ago or so, and I love learning how successful freelancers spend their time and make it work. Last month, I found out one of my summer coworkers actually knows you in real life – she was describing you, and it all sounded oddly familiar. When I asked if you kept a blog, she said yes, and it all came together. So when Molly Smith comes back to the U.S., give her a hug from Gabrielle!

    1. Hey, it’s you! 🙂 I simply could not believe it when Molly told me she had met you. She is one of my favorite people in the world.

      I envy you Thailand…I was there in 1994, from Bangkok to Chang Mai to Mae Hong Son to Krabi to Ko Phi Phi. Loved every corner of the place. Have you seen some of Molly’s images? They’re terrific.

      Glad the blog is helpful….Freelancing is not easy.

  17. Hiya Caitlin… I’m going to have a crack because I need to get back into the habit again:

    Where do you live?
    Perth (Fremantle) – Western Australia

    What sort of work do you do?
    I work for artists, as part of a membership organisation called Artsource: http://www.artsource.net.au

    My job is to help members get the most out of their membership and do what I can to have our organisation reach across Western Australia and connect to all artists in their arts practices so they feel like they are connected and supported as they make art. I love peoples stories and it’s remarkable how easily people connect to each other when they start to share their yarns. If people simply closed their eyes and opened their ears (and hearts) for a change – their minds might be more inclined to follow their lead. WA is a BIG chunk of dirt and it’s has experienced some very difficult times. I live in the world between black and white Australia and it’s a hard place to ‘be’.

    Favorite band/musician/song?

    Band: Weddings Parties Anything – “For a Short Time”.
    Singer/songwriter: Paul Kelly – “Making Gravy”
    Closely followed by Archie Roach: “Took the Children Away”
    I love storytellers – this comes out in pretty much all facets of my life.

    Best place you’ve ever visited and why?

    Viet Nam/Cambodia/Laos. I grew up during the ‘Vietnam’ war. Australian and American involvement in this war severley marked out countries. So much so – it’s reflected in the way we’ve maintained our military partnership eversince. I don’t necessarily mean that in a good way. I’ve spent 10 years of my life in an Australian military uniform. I went to SE Asia to see for myself the legacy of what we’d been involved in and whether it really made the difference our nations believed it would. I don’t think it did – but then hindsight is a funny critter and the way we view things now is so different on some levels, but so much of the same on others. There are days when that scares the bejezuz out of me!

    What other blogs do you follow/love?
    The life of 3 sisters across Australia through their blogs (although one has dropped off quite some time ago). I came across them by accident and sometime much later, realised they were in fact sisters. I’ve enjoyed their yarns for years and they would be amongst my favourite bloggers. Here are 2 of them:

    What brings you here?

    You tripped over my blog one day Caitlin and it’s often due to the way that people comment (and share on my blog) that I find myself tracking them back to theirs. I enjoy you yarns Caitlin, so thatnks for dropping by on that day mate 😉

    1. What an interesting job you have! I love the spirit of it and the ideals behind it…Being a “creative” in the free-market madness of the U.S. is so difficult! Everyone has a “day job” (at least here in $$$$$ NY) to support their art/craft and we all dream of hitting it big. I sit on the board of a group that grants up to $4,000 to writers in dire financial straits, and it’s shocking and sad to see that some well-known names fall into fiscal disarray. I wrote about it for the NYT…

      A dear friend of ours, a young ‘un of 25, returns to the U.S. tomorrow after a summer (!) spent traveling and photographing Laos, Thailand and Cambodia, so I am eager to hear all her stories.

      Do you ever blog about race? It is such a huge issue and so crazy-making here…not sure how much American news you get, but after police shot and killed an unarmed black teenager, it’s been crazy….again.

      Thanks for finally filling in the blanks! It’s funny…whenever I think of you, I picture you in uniform. 🙂

      1. Yes… we’ve been getting that news about that young fella and the craziness after. I yarn about race every now and then – more my observations and simply recalling my experiences or those of my family and friends, as this issue pops up in life.
        One of the things I don’t here at all from America (and I’m not sure what it’s like in the US) is the state of the Indigenous peoples there. We hear about almost any race related (or dare I say gun related) issue, but we hear nothing about those issues relative to the land and it’s ‘Native Americans’ (not sure what the right term is there). Australia today is struggling with these issues still – but there are no end of other subjects that steal the limelight here.

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