Meta post: my webinars, classes, blogging schedule — welcome new followers!

By Caitlin Kelly

I learned how to canoe at camp -- useful when we went to Nicaragua
On assignment this year in rural Nicaragua

Just a few housekeeping notes, for followers both longtime and new (thanks!)…

For the past five years, I’ve been posting faithfully three times a week, sometimes more.

Pooped! (Hint: please spend some time poking around the archives, where you’ll find plenty of material, often on books, writing, publishing and freelancing, often titled The Writer’s Week.)

For the nex few months I’ll likely be posting once every four or five days — not every two days — as I’m now teaching three college classes and will be spending a lot of my time preparing for them, teaching and grading students’ work.

So please don’t feel neglected and/or abandoned!

I also offer six webinars on various aspects of writing, blogging and freelancing, details here. They cost $125 for 90 minutes via Skype or phone and satisfied students have come from, literally, across the world — New Zealand to Germany.

I can schedule these any time that suits you, including days, evenings and weekends.

I also coach other writers individually, answering pretty much any question you’d like to throw at me about journalism, writing, publishing non-fiction commercially, memoir. Happy to read your pitches or work-in-progress, be a “first reader”…

I charge $150/hour (with a one-hour minimum), and will be raising that rate to $200/hour in January 2015.

My story in July 2014 Cosmopolitan (U.S. edition)
My story in July 2014 Cosmopolitan (U.S. edition)

I’m teaching writing this fall at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and at the New York School of Interior Design; I have also taught writing at Pace University, New York University, Concordia University and Marymount College. As the author of two well-reviewed non-fiction books and hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles, for places like The New York Times, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire, I know what it takes to succeed in this highly-competitive business.

What can I do to help you? Please email me at

7 thoughts on “Meta post: my webinars, classes, blogging schedule — welcome new followers!

  1. Steve

    I’m so glad your really busy. Seems like just a couple months ago you were lamenting about how to make ends meet. Looks like the Americaneconomy is going to chug along in spite of this administration who seems to want to do everything possible to regulate and thwart business. It looks like things are opening up a little here in Southeasten PA too. That just means YOU can buy ME that beer, seeing s you’re making more than you. God Bless you in all your endeavors whatever they may be! Steve

    1. Thanks! Actually, August proved to be by far the worst month of 2014….very unpleasant to not get to even 50% of my basic expenses. Not for any lack of effort, either.

      But I’m excited about the fall.

      And we are headed down your way the weekend of Sept. 27 (near New Hope, PA) and Oct. 18 (on our way to D.C.) — this might finally happen!

      1. Steve

        I am actually in Pottstown. You have my email, send me a note, I’d love to meet up with you and Jose. I will be on vacation the week after so it would work out for me. Maybe we could do lunch or something. Steve

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