Simple pleasures

By Caitlin Kelly

Some of the past week’s small town pleasures have included:

Walking two blocks to a local cafe for breakfast


The local variety store — owned by the same man for 31 years

Walking past heritage homes


Boxes filled with penny candy — even if it’s now five cents a piece


Patting a gorgeous 11-week old puppy outside the pharmacy named Otis

Patting a huge white Bernese dog in the park named Sugar

Chatting to a stranger in the park and learning more about this town, where he was born, raised and now works

Saying hello to people walking and cycling past

Butter tarts!

This is a butter tart. Yum!
This is a butter tart. Yum!

The frogs’ singing from the backyard pond

Watching the robins and doves lining up — bird spa! — to bathe in the backyard pond

A cold beer and a bowl of peanuts

The best!
The best!

Reading a great new novel given to us in a stack of free books


More naps

Not driving

Tulips in the park across the street


Washing cars in the driveway (and spraying Jose “by accident”)

Climbing the stairs (we live in an apartment)

Having to holler across the house to be heard (ditto)

A big backyard

Sitting on the verandah and staring into the sky


Not needing to know what time it is

Beating Jose at Bananagrams

Being able to keep up with my freelance writing work even while sitting at the kitchen table in Canada

Blueberry pancakes for breakfast


The haunting sound of passing train whistles

Meeting our old friends for a long lunch

The warm sun on bare skin after an endless and bitter winter

A Canadian farmer’s market specialty (which Americans call Canadian bacon)


Tossing a softball in the park at sunset


Having the maitre d’ at a local restaurant remember me from our last visit

Hitting a big bucket of balls while listening to a nearby woodpecker

Finding a 1960 black Ford pick-up truck for sale

$8,000 Canadian or best offer...
$8,000 Canadian or best offer…

21 thoughts on “Simple pleasures

  1. themodernidiot

    Somebody’s on vacay? Wtheck’s a butter tart? Love the crocheted (crochet?) clock. Haven’t seen one for Ages. Reminds me of Grandma.

      1. Thanks!

        It’s been pretty non-stop; we will be heading home in two days and then will be able to fully rest. I made it out to the golf course yesterday and hit a bucket of balls. That was fun! (averaged 100-140 yards.)

      2. themodernidiot

        Ah, lovely! I tried it once. After an hour of swinging just to Hit the damn thing, I launched a worm burner like fifty yards. As proud as I was, that was enough. Now i just watch it on TV πŸ™‚

      3. Hey, you’ve got the jargon — worm-burner! πŸ™‚

        I expected to be lousy at it but seem to have a decent aptitude for it. I took it up because Jose loves it so much and I needed to learn something new and difficult. It was golf or German…:-)

  2. Steve

    Mmmmmmm…sounds like everyday at my house. You really need to leave all that hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy life as its meant to be. The offer still stands anytime you guys are in southeast Pennsylvania. Cold beer around a crackling campfire, grand kids running around chasing all the blue birds away. It doesn’t get much better.

  3. I’m writing this from Copenhagen. This is day #3. The freedom of cycling everywhere. Leisurely walks in the gardens, good fresh food that doesn’t cost an unreasonable amount of money (got here from Perth, Australia where we spent the last 4 months). While I am very much an outsider here, it is comforting, nonetheless, to be able to finally rest.

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