More simple pleasures…

By Caitlin Kelly

That low, golden, slanting light of autumn

Lying by the pool, snoozing, listening to the symphony of cicadas, planes buzzing overhead and sprinklers

Dinner on the balcony at sunset

Frozen yogurt with sprinkles

Blueberry pancakes with bacon and maple syrup


Watching “Casablanca” for the umpteenth time — “Of all the gin joints…”


Maple syrup — on almost anything


A stash of my favorite Canadian candy: Big Turk, Crunchie, Mackintosh toffee and Crispy Crunch

An icy gold gimlet, (expertly made by my husband)

Our balcony garden


And its shadows


Sitting at an oak table made 300 years ago, wondering who else has sat there over the centuries

Listening to Joshua Bell playing Mozart at Lincoln Center

Having my hashtag go viral — #MissingTheZero — because too many Big Name Publishers are paying us pennies now

Candles flickering, tapers and votives and lanterns

We love to have dinner on our balcony, a pleasure we eagerly await all year long
Dinner on our balcony

A cotton vintage tablecloth


Savoring a book I like so much I don’t want it to end (The Goldfinch)

A new pair of pretty shoes

Freshly ironed pillowcases

A cool breeze

Lighting a fire in the fireplace

Playing co-ed Saturday softball with the same friends for 15 years

Writing a story I know will make a difference, like this one

And you?

15 thoughts on “More simple pleasures…

  1. i love these as usual, caitlin. as for me, i love to sit by the river, in the sun or shade, and just watch the flow and listen to the water moving. i also love the taste of summer fruit, fresh from the market, and the smell of the earth after a warm summer rain.

  2. I’m sure I’d enjoy blueberry pancakes and I know I love bacon, but I’m just not sure about together.
    Simple pleasure,the blogs that just hit the right note with me, seeing my friends having fun.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  3. Funny you should mention Casablanca as it was on TV last night followed by a documentary on the life of Ingrid Bergman. My favourite old film that I watch often is GILDA with the divine Rita Hayworth and pretty-boy Glenn Ford. Love that film! You can find it on YouTube
    Let’s see, what other simple pleasures am I enjoying this summer. I discovered a delicious apple-pear cider that I drink as a chilled apéritif. I bought some beautiful sheets on sale last week made from 500 thread count cotton sateen. Cool, light and silky on the bed when it’s hot. Maple syrup hands down and I’d kill for a Big Turk, haven’t had one in years. Marks & Spencer sells something similar, but not nearly as good.

    Spending time with my ex-fiancé’s kids. This weekend taking them to see the Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation film.

    Savoring a book I like so much I don’t want it to end (Richard Yates, Revolutionary Road, 1961)

    Listening to this gorgeous music when I’m waking in the morning and drinking strong coffee – Charpentier: Litanies de la Vierge, Motets pour la maison de Guise.

    1. Sounds amazing, all of it…

      Revolutionary Road lies about a 20-minute drive from our apartment…it’s in Ossining and is an old old road. I think he set his novel in a fictional version of Ossining, certainly a small suburban town like it.

      You can order Big Turks online, I’m pretty sure…

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