It’s Saturday and…

By Caitlin Kelly

Our view of the Hudson River

“What is a weekend?” — The Dowager Countess of Grantham, Downton Abbey


Ohhhhhh, blessed Saturday morning…with spring around the corner and the forsythia (too soon!) already blooming.

First, a cinnamon bun from the amazing Riviera Bakehouse, our local bakery filled with delicious things.

Music, next…The Animals, live at Wembley Stadium, from 1983. A little vinyl to get the blood moving. Great stuff, like Boom, Boom and O’ Lucky Man and House of the Rising Sun.

An egg and bacon with Jose (my husband.)


The opening and skimming of the weekend newspapers, tweeting out the good bits, deciding what to read first — being a New Yorker now, it’s often the Real Estate section, to examine the latest insanity. After living here a while, you see a listing for $1.5 million and think that’s not such a bad price. (Insurmountable for us!)

Watching my smart personal finance friend, and columnist for Slate, Helaine Olen on MSNBC, warning about how broke we’re all going to be in retirement.

Hanging, finally, all our photos and art to make a gallery wall.

A little housework.

Listening to some of my favorite NPR shows on WNYC, Radiolab at noon, This American Life at 1:00 and The Moth at 2:00. You have to tear me away from the radio, still my favorite medium.

Enjoying the flowers I bought yesterday, a weekly indulgence — these cost $32 and are worth every penny to me.


Choosing recipes for the week, and food shopping.

Deciding whether it’s too cold to join my softball team for a game. Maybe just for lunch! Here’s my NYT essay about them.

Savoring the silence, only the clock ticking in the kitchen and a jet far overhead. Weekday traffic on the nearby Tappan Zee Bridge normally noisy.

Perhaps we’ll go out for a burger at one of our local restaurants, now that our town, Tarrytown, NY, has become — thanks to the $$$$-real-estate-induced exodus from Brooklyn — hip. It’s all McLaren strollers and Mini Coopers now.

Maybe go out for a long walk through the Rockefeller estate, a lush and quiet public 750 acres a 10-minute drive north of us. Or along the Hudson’s western shore.

I love our half-urban, half-rural existence. Technically, we live in a suburb of New York City, but our town is lively and fun, economically and racially diverse. In 40 minutes’ drive or train ride, I’m in midtown Manhattan or, heading north, can reach the gorgeous town of Cold Spring, right on the river, to meet a fellow writer for lunch.

A walk along the Palisades, on the western shore of the Hudson River

Here’s a mug for sale with the Countess’ immortal words…

What does your Saturday look like?

10 thoughts on “It’s Saturday and…

  1. This Saturday my mother is marrying her partner/fiancee, now that they can get married. Should be a memorable experience. In the meantime though, I’m just chilling (I don’t have that much to do until it’s time to change into my suit. Yay me!).

  2. it all sounds lovely. today, we slept in, made homemade breakfast burritos, full of veggies, fluffy eggs, and spicy black beans. read the papers, watched a documentary of the vidal/buckely political debates from the 60s, talked, listened to quiet music. later walking downtown and noticing the spring changes. i like the slow pace of weekends.

  3. Sounds like a pretty perfect Saturday! 🙂

    My ideal weekend involves reading books and the newspaper, spending time outside, writing and catching up with blogs, maybe watching a movie…and trying to spend some time alone. As an introvert, I need that space, even from people I love. That’s hard for some people to understand, I think.

  4. My Saturday – yesterday, just gone: started work on a review commission from a national magazine, FINALLY sorted out a dozen packing boxes with my own older books in them (the ones I always have to buy from the publisher to save them from end-of-life pulping but then can’t figure out what to do with), and helped with housework. My wife, somehow, always seems to find more of it to do than I can. Both of us then got on to scanning photo albums – a rescue project to save our old pix from fading into oblivion forever. Today, Sunday: more review-writing. I have a deadline. But there’ll be time for lunch out and a bit of relaxing.

    1. Oh, all those boxes of books. I know that one! I was pissed off when I found they’d pulped a ton of copies of Blown Away but never gave me the option to buy them. The joys of authorship! 🙂

      Jose has been doing a lot of scanning of his images as well.

      Enjoy Sunday — and thank you for your Antipodean check-in.

  5. It’s an unusual Saturday for me. My house is undergoing foundation repairs which leave its security somewhat compromised, so My wife is staying with her Mom and I am babysitting the homestead.
    Going to sleep alone is difficult and I don’t laugh nearly as much when she’s not around. Thank God for little bitty soldiers.
    I listen to old broadcasts of Music from the Hearts of Space while I’m painting. It takes me back to art school, up all night poring over dozens of issues of Architectural Digest and Metropolitan Home, floor plans, elevations, learning learning learning.

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