A hundred million miracles…

By Caitlin Kelly

A hundred million miracles

A hundred million miracles are happening every day

And those who say they don’t agree

Are those who do not hear or see…

— Flower Drum Song, musical, 1958



Take a walk now, anywhere there’s spring.

The light.

The wind.

The warming sun.

I love the in-between-ness of spring, how tentative and hopeful it is, all those delicate green shoots bursting forth from the pale detritus of last fall’s dead leaves and twigs and scattered acorns.

And I know this path so well, after decades of walking it in every season, so I know when the light is low and slanting, and highlights every bit of moss and lichen and leaf.


I wait each year for a nearby lilac tree to blossom into purple fragrance. My favorite smell!

And what a basic, taken-for-granted miracle to hear the wind, to feel the sun, to walk easily and without pain. Mobility itself is a great gift.

I think of the many people who lie in a hospital or hospice bed, or waiting in a crowded and noisy and dirty refugee camp, or beneath the bombs of war…and walk in grateful silence.

It is such a simple thing, for some of us, to have a clean place to walk freely and safely, as a woman alone.

Here are a few of the lovely things I spotted on a recent walk near the reservoir in our town, 25 miles north of Manhattan:













And a very persistent little leaf who came along for the ride…



14 thoughts on “A hundred million miracles…

    1. šŸ™‚

      It takes slowing down sometimes to really remember that. I hate being saccharine about life, but years of pain with my hip taught me that even a “simple” walk across the room can be a huge challenge.

  1. Every year in mid-February, a handful of daffodils will appear on the bank outside my workshop window. They look like hope. They send me a message: “The lights are coming on. Soon the numbness will recede and you will be yourself again.” Best window in the house.

  2. “It is such a simple thing, for some of us, to have a clean place to walk freely and safely, as a woman alone” – yes, indeed. We are fortunate.

    Spring-time walks are so wonderful. I enjoyed my walk to work each morning last week, with the early morning sun lighting up the honey-coloured stone buildings and the beautiful cathedral, before the hustle and bustle of the day begins.

    1. It sounds so gorgeous!

      I think a lot about the freedoms we can take for granted — while women in some places (parts of India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc) are hounded, harassed, even raped for daring to…just be outdoors.

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