More simple pleasures…

By Caitlin Kelly

An ongoing series of some of the simpler pleasures in my life…Hope they’ll inspire you.

Playing my vinyl, everything from Genesis to koto to Jacques Brel



It’s the weekend! It begins with the weekend Financial Times and the Saturday New York Times.  Yes, we still read on paper .



The weekend FT is one of my favorite reads — global, witty, incisive. It’s very much a publication of the educated upper class and its various tastes and interests but it’s smart and interesting and much more global in outlook than the Times.

The FT magazine is called — without irony or embarrassment — How to Spend It. While 99% of it is directed to the wallets of the 1%, it’s fun to read.



There’s all kinds of beauty in our small suburban town, 25 miles north of Manhattan. You just have to look for it.


Beauty is everywhere — like this Paris cafe

Looking through photos from past journeys while dreaming up the next ones…this image is from a cafe in Paris, taken on our visit there in December 2014.

Every morning and evening we get a different view of the Hudson River from our top-floor apartment on the sixth floor. Some mornings it’s so foggy we can’t see anything but the very closest tree-tops.

Our view


This Moomin mug also makes me happy!


Silly treasure. If you don’t yet know about the Moomins, check it out! They’re a series of storybook characters from Finland.






Travel is our one consistent extravagance…My next trip is to Washington, D.C. mid-June for a three-day journalism fellowship. I’ll probably stay there a few extra days to relax and explore.

We had planned to visit Gros Morne in Newfoundland this summer but have postponed it for a year.


The lilacs are back!

I live for the moment when this spectacular tree, at the very start of our reservoir walk nearby, bursts into fragrant bloom.

Few scents are as intoxicating to me as lilac…you?


I love cooking, and reading through my various cookbooks for inspiration and ideas. This is a favorite, written by the sister of British actor Daniel Day-Lewis.

One of the things I love most about living in New York is ready access to iconic landmarks like these…


I snapped this one from the back seat of a cab traveling from Brooklyn to midtown. This is the Brooklyn Bridge, spanning the East River.

One of the great secrets of that bridge is that it would never have been completed without the intelligence and guts of a woman — Emily Roebling — to whom a plaque is affixed to one of the columns. Her father-in-law won the prestigious and highly-coveted commission to build it but died of tetanus.

His son, Washington, took over — and got sick from going into the underwater caissons too often. Emily took over the management of the final eleven years of its construction.



It really is a cathedral of sorts — Grand Central Terminal. Lots of great shopping and two restaurants under that glorious arched turquoise ceiling. Stop in for a drink and enjoy!




Looks a bit like snow-capped mountains, but it’s one of our two local boatyards, the boats shrink-wrapped during the long winter.



Jose and I have spent decades on this commuter train!

It’s a quick 38 minutes from our town into midtown Manhattan, with a gorgeous ride down the eastern edge of the Hudson River. The train itself is no great beauty, but it’s generally on time, safe, clean and semi-affordable.

I snapped this photo as I got off earlier this week, just as the sun was starting to set.

I hope you’re having a great weekend and enjoying some simple pleasures of your own!

14 thoughts on “More simple pleasures…

  1. Nice glimpse into your day to day. There must be something in the air at the moment as I’m all about the small pleasures to be found in the present. By the way, thanks for the tip about Gros Morne – adding it to our list of potential travel plans when we next visit.

  2. Very nice glimpse into your life with some great pictures. Too many times in our busy lives we forget to enjoy the simple pleasures. I too love reading on paper. There is something about the tactile feel of paper in my hands that no e-reader, Kindle, or Nook can ever replace.

  3. I’m catching up on all the posts I’ve missed from my favourite bloggers this morning — that’s one of my simple pleasures. 🙂

    Your newspaper photos reminded me that I’m considering buying a digital subscription to the NYT. I reach the monthly limit of 10 free articles fairly quickly. But I still enjoy reading a paper newspaper too — I read The Guardian every Saturday. The International NYT is available to buy in print here, but I’ve never bought it. I sometimes buy El País — reading the news in Spanish gives me an insight into what’s going on in Spain and a chance to practice reading in Spanish.

    The FT magazine is certainly aimed at people with big bank accounts. It’s a different world, and a privileged one! I’ve had a few glimpses into it via some of the work I’m doing at the moment — writing articles about tax changes, savings and exclusive bank accounts for the 1%.

    The view from your apartment is lovely! I’d love to take the train alongside the Hudson river one day. There was a recent BBC series about rail travel in America (I’m sure I’ve mentioned this to you before, as they stopped at Tarrytown), and the views from the journey along the Hudson are simply gorgeous.

    Travel is one of my priorities too, and it’s certainly a good motivator to save money. I’d rather spend money on experiences and seeing new places. Can’t wait until I finally have enough to visit NYC and the East Coast. 🙂

    1. Best read the International NYT before it disappears! They are closing the Paris office and moving it to London soon.

      The FT magazine is…insane. Hard to imagine that so many people are flopping about in so much $$$$$$.

      I don’t think we’ll ever take for granted our commute. In winter, the Palisades —- millennia-old red cliffs on the western shore — are spectacular when dusted with snow. I love living on a river for the first time in my life. I spent yesterday sitting on a bench in the East 80s of NYC with a friend and her dog watching the East River, and all the planes doing big banking turns as they took off from LaGuardia.

      NYC will certainly repay the $$$ it costs to come and be here for a while. We’ll definitely have tea! 🙂

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