Simple summer pleasures…

By Caitlin Kelly

(an ongoing occasional series)



The early morning swoosh/swoop of a flock of swallows flashing over our roofline and into the sky — returning at sunset


The chittering of a lone robin in the treetops


A cool, fresh morning breeze


Pretty sandals and a fresh pedicure


Crashing waves on the seashore


The scent of woodsmoke from a campfire


The lap of water against stone, lakeside


Water gurgling around your paddle as it bites deeply into cold water, canoeing


Wearing linen — wrinkles be damned!


Picnics in the park


Long light-filled evenings

Beauty helps!


Pots, or a garden, filled with plants and  blooming lowers — and filling your home with beauty from it!


Free outdoor movies and concerts in city parks


A seersucker suit

My handsome hubby, Jose…


Blueberries and cream


Working on our balcony, with its Hudson River view


Fresh corn, buttered, salted and peppered


The gentle whirring of a fan, its breeze lulling me to sleep



A splash of citrus-y/crisp fragrance — like Oyedo (top note, yuzu), Cristalle (Chanel), O de Lancome, Eau Sauvage (for men) or my standby, from 1903, Penhaligon’s Blenheim Bouquet


A red ball sinking below the horizon, a few mares’ tails in the pale sky


The exultant cries of “Marco? POLO!” from a pool party across our suburban New York street


A drippy Popsicle


A cold gin & tonic or gimlet


Sleeping out beneath the stars, in the backyard, on your balcony, camping…


Stay hydrated!


A long drink of fresh cold water (this jug found while visiting Maine)


Fleece came in handy when playing golf in 19 mph winds (yes, I checked!)

Golf! (This in Cruit Island, Donegal, Ireland)


Fireflies, flitting by in the dark

What are some of your summer pleasures?



12 thoughts on “Simple summer pleasures…

  1. That is a great list! Also, the sound of the lawnmower and smell of freshly cut grass that follows. A slice of ripe, juicy watermelon on a hot day, homemade ice-cream, floating down a lazy river, sun shining on your face, freshly squeezed lemonade, reading a good book on the beach or poolside.

    1. Thanks!

      Yes to all of this (although, being a dinosaur, I like the snickety-snick of a hand-pushed mower, not an engine.) I once a perfume that smelled exactly of cut grass. Gorgeous!

      Have yet to try making home-made ice cream. What flavor(s) did you make?

  2. Mmm, your list made me long for a hot summer! Many of the things on your list are best enjoyed when the weather is warm, but English summers are notoriously temperamental and this year hasn’t been great so far….too many grey, cloudy days.

    Your list reminded me that I need to book a pedicure, and I may treat myself to a new fragrance too. My last fragrance was L’Occitane’s Thé Vert & Bigarade. I prefer crisp, fresh perfumes so I’ll check out the ones you mentioned. I’ve worn Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle before and I like that, but I’m in the mood for something completely new. 🙂

    1. So true…We actually had only one rainy day in 3 weeks in Ireland last June. Super lucky!

      I love Bigarade — and haven’t even seen it on sale in years! I wore Bulgari’s The Vert last summer but it’s a bit too light for. LOVE Aqua di Parma…

  3. great ones, and as for me – fresh flowers right outside of my window, fruits and vegs of all kinds, summer rains and storms, the tiny animal kingdom that comes to play in my front yard, picnics, and long days with no schedule. )

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