More simple pleasures

By Caitlin Kelly

The comforting, rasping sound of my husband shaving

The insistent ratatatatatatatat of nearby woodpeckers

The first bike ride of spring



Trees and bushes finally exploding into starbursts of white, pink, yellow and purple blossom

A freshly-painted room


New buds



Holding a tea party for female friends, using my new-to-me early 19th. century tea-set

The sun finally hitting our balcony — giving us a much-loved additional outdoor room

This Moomin mug — what a fun way to startย  my morning

This Moomin mug also makes me happy!

Backlit forsythia — everywhere!

Discovering a gruff local businessman has a softer side, meeting him with his two French bulldogs

Gorgeous, enormous canvases by a local artist on display at our local coffee shop

A kid’s lemonade stand at the end of his suburban driveway

Reading on a park bench in warm sunshine

Watching river traffic — boats and barges — on the Hudson River

Putting away heavy, bulky winter clothing and slipping back into cotton and linen

17 thoughts on “More simple pleasures

  1. Right now my family is in the middle of Passover. Come Tuesday though, we’ll be having the simple pleasure of real food. Not kidding, after work that day I’m stopping for a bagel at the Dunkin Donuts across the street. Nothing better than a bagel to end Passover, I promise you!

  2. French earl grey on a cold spring morning. Black dirt smoothed by thick coils of fog. Later, only dew clings on hesitant shoots, the first crop of the season rising to meet the warmth.

    Hello from northern Jutland!

  3. Monte Parker

    So sweet and simple, reading these actually makes time feel like it’s going slower, and I’m imagining enjoying everything you saw

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