A reminder from your host…

By Caitlin Kelly


Now that Broadside is closing in on 18,000 followers worldwide — eight years after I started writing it — it’s time once more to remind newer readers who exactly they’re reading!

Based in Tarrytown, New York, a gorgeous little town on the east bank of the Hudson River 25 miles north of Manhattan, I’m a published non-fiction author and career journalist, with staff experience at three major daily newspapers, several magazines and numerous digital outlets, from Reuters Money to bbc.com.

Here’s my website, with sample articles from my thousands of published stories — in outlets including The New York Times, USA Today, Washington Post, MORE magazine, Marie Claire, House Beautiful and many others.

A generalist, my work in June ranged from a profile of an L.A. designer for House Beautiful, a story about 3D printing for farmers for a custom publication and this story, about the growing dangers faced by truckers working across the United States.


I’m always seeking new clients with a clear sense of what they need and a budget to support a high level of skill and experience


A two-time author of nationally reported non-fiction, I also teach other writers and bloggers, through specific webinars of 90 minutes, (30 minutes reserved for your questions),  at $150 and individual coaching, also arranged at your convenience, at a cost of $225 per hour, payable in advance through Paypal.

I work with clients in person, by phone or Skype.


malled cover HIGH
My second book, published in 2011

I’ve helped dozens of writers and bloggers worldwide — from Germany to New Zealand to Singapore to Maryland — and my students are delighted with the results and improvements they see, quickly, as a result.


One of my coaching clients was published in The New York Times, and another in The Guardian — and neither one are professional writers.


I also help public relations professionals better understand how to tell their clients’ stories more effectively, and have worked with teams in New York and California.


Email me at learntowritebetter@gmail.com!

12 thoughts on “A reminder from your host…

    1. Thanks…

      I assumed people would visit my detailed welcome and about pages but the company who designed my new website pointed out that this is unlikely — and suggested I add my links to every single post. I might start doing that.

      Much as I enjoy blogging, I do earn my living through my writing, editing and coaching and giving it away year after year with people not knowing this is my career feels odd to me.

  1. First off, 18K? HOLY MOLY!

    Second, you live near Tarrytown? That means you live near Sleepy Hollow! I love that show (and I’m still sad that it’s cancelled). Have you ever done anything related to the short story while over there?

      1. I want to say that’s a shame, but I know your tastes.

        Anyway, I meant do they ever have events based around the original short story Sleepy Hollow, not the TV show (though honestly it wouldn’t surprise me if there were event space around the TV show there as well).

  2. Good point that you brought up! One of the most important aspects of a written is the ability of conveying a message. Sometimes the message is clear in the writer’s mid, but… there is a long process after the thought has been placed in writing 🙂

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