Don’t miss Montreal’s Atwater Market

By Caitlin Kelly



Our final morning in Montreal, I insisted we pay a quick visit to one of my old haunts, the enormous market down by the Lachine Canal that sells an astonishing array of produce, meat, cheese, flowers, chocolate, tea, coffee — you name it!



market 05


While Montreal has multiple markets, we chose this one and it was a perfect fall day, with people of all ages arriving with babies and dogs.


market 01


Because we were traveling and staying in hotels, I didn’t buy much food — a piece of cheese, some apples and bananas, home-made mustard, maple popcorn and some astounding chocolate. The friends we were heading to visit in Ontario are about start building a new home, so a set of chocolate tools (!), like a hammer and saw, seemed like a good house gift.


market 11


Of course, this being Quebec, many of the signs are in French, but everyone will speak some English, if not fluently.


market 10

Pies: Pumpkin, apple, blueberry, sugar, maple sugar


There are 100000 sorts of things made with maple syrup and Montreal bagels, which are completely different from the doughy ten-ton things New Yorkers love to boast about — these are lighter and chewy and boiled then baked.


market 07



market 04

Scary meringue ghosts for Halloween!



market 09



market 06

Canada’s legendary food — poutine — cheese curds and gravy



market 08

Three cheeses for $12.99



market 02

An apple-grower’s van




18 thoughts on “Don’t miss Montreal’s Atwater Market

  1. Vicky V Applebaum

    Absolutely loved your last couple of posts about Montreal – my hometown. So laid back, pretty (people AND places!), charming… I’ve now been living in Toronto longer than I lived in Montreal, and I do now love Toronto as well, but Montreal has a soft place in my heart and always will. My stress levels go down significantly when I visit there!! Thank you for bringing back memories; I love Atwater Market, too!

  2. Oh, i love macarons! I had some for the first time at a French boulangerie in Salem, and I just plotzed! And I found a place here in Columbus back at the beginning of the month that sells them (which, BTW, is the same place I’d take you for a meal if you ever came to visit Columbus).

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  4. I would love to visit Montreal — I’ve been enjoying your posts about it and it sounds like a great city! I especially like maple syrup, so I’d definitely sample some of that on a visit. πŸ™‚

    I hope to travel more next year. It’s scary how fast this year has gone, and it’s been an expensive year for me so that doesn’t help the travel fund. Fingers crossed for a promotion at work soon and for some extra income from freelancing!

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