4 days’ inspiration: the Fireside Conference



By Caitlin Kelly

Imagine the smartest and most interesting people you’ve ever met.

Four hundred of them.

In the woods, sleeping for three nights in unheated cabins at a summer camp more than three hours’ drive north of Toronto, on a huge private lake.

I just spent the most tiring, intense, exhausting, interesting four days of my life — and, maybe like you, I’ve been to many conferences over the years.

None remotely like this one.

This is invitation only, and I was invited (free), waiving the $2,500 (Canadian) standard fee; I spoke twice during the event on how to tell stories, as many of the attendees run their own companies, many of them start-ups and many have no idea how to find and work with the media to promote their products and services.




The age range was 20s to 60s, about 70 per cent male and probably 60 to 70 percent Canadian, from all across the country. One man came from Cyprus and others from far away in the U.S. , even Spain.

It was a wildly eclectic mix of talents and skills — from a male performance artist to a young female cryptocurrency business owner, from the female Alabama owner of a pet-sitting company to about eight other journalists.

Of the 400, about 150 were returning from prior Fireside Conferences.

Because it’s held at a camp, the remote wooded 750-acre setting is simply gorgeous and the amenities fairly basic — the cabins have no heat and it was cold (like 40 degrees F) at night.

We all ate breakfast and dinner in the dining hall; unlike camp, there was plenty of free alcohol provided by sponsors. We were woken up at 8:15 by music broadcast through speakers and at night many of us congregated around small stone-ringed campfires and made s’mores.

And the stars! I hadn’t seen the Milky Way in years.



Our cabin — I shared it with three other women, all of them strangers (now good friends!) — no heat!!! Bunk beds.


No one wore a badge or lanyard. Almost no speakers used or needed a mic — instead we sat on a bench or on the grass to listen, creating an intimacy that was immediate, unusual and powerful as we often engaged in long, private, sometimes very personal conversations.

Unless you’d been there before, you probably arrived, as I did, a little nervous — and didn’t know who anyone was, meaning you just had to engage in conversation and you could be speaking to a self-made millionaire or a grad student, a musician or a photographer or a mother of four.

Egos checked!

The other secret?

No wifi!

There was a cabin where you could access it but this meant tremendous personal interaction without the absurd constant distraction of cell phones and notifications.

We could also — in addition to dozens of speakers and panels — enjoy classic camp activities: sailing, canoeing, kayaking, water skiing, archery, tetherball. I canoed solo for a bit.

My brain is swirling — I was invited to, also did, a podcast there, and may be invited to speak at some other conferences thanks to some contacts I made.

And so many new friends.

21 thoughts on “4 days’ inspiration: the Fireside Conference

    1. It’s invitation only, which is elitist I know — but also means that everyone is smart, talented and really interesting…and because we’re all wearing comfy casual clothes, there’s no stiffness or pretention.

    1. It was…

      It filled a lot of needs that I find difficult to meet in daily life:

      1) feeling truly appreciated by smart peers; 2) making new friends; 3) sharing my skills with audiences who need them; 4) being outdoors!; 5) being surrounded by gentler Canadians.

      On every level, it was great. Except for sleep!!! Now exhausted and resting for a few days.

      I am also just worn out by the nastiness and absurdly low pay of journalism. Having a break from it, even briefly, was worth it. If I have potentially found some new, better paying corporate clients, that’s hopeful.

  1. Kelly Maccallum

    I was there and echo everything you said. As part of the Beau’s crew I wasn’t sure if the content and speakers would be relevant to me, but left feeling like I’d just experienced something incredibly special and significant – and I hope Beau’s sends me again next year.

    My fave talk was Peter Katz and his buddy Blake – brought humility and human connection to this random and wonderful mix of people – equalizing everyone.

    We didn’t meet but hope to connect Fireside next year over a Lugtread.

    1. Thanks! I must have met you…? as I sat with the Beau’s crew one meal and met MaryBeth. Must have some next time!

      I thought that was an interesting way to bring people together as well. Just wish we were not sitting on the floor for so long!

      Me, too!

      1. Kelly Maccallum

        Hey – I do recognize you! Didn’t recognize the name, but I do the face.

        My ass was sore the whole time – old bones.

  2. Wow – this sounds like an incredible event. And I’m glad everyone felt comfortable to treat each other as peers. I’m still trying to get over the no wifi but I think if there was, everyone would be on their phones.

    1. The lack of damn phones is what makes it possible and unique. There is a wifi spot, indoors, that people can use but I was heartened — the 2x I used it in 4 days — to see very few people in there. I think we are all SICK to death of that addiction.

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