Simple pleasures

By Caitlin Kelly

 Georgetown, D.C., November 2017


Late afternoon sunlight


Fireflies (aka lightning bugs) twinkling in the darkness


A pot of hot loose-leaf tea


Freshly laundered pillowcases


A hummingbird hovering in our garden


Snoozing under a throw




Reading for hours and hours, disappearing into another world




Exploring rural antique stores and flea markets


Watching a movie, in the cinema, eating popcorn


Vanilla ice cream


A single espresso


Walking barefoot through wet grass


A calm and quiet place to sit and think for a while


Cathaleen Curtis church


A long phone chat with a friend living far away


Walking through a lovely landscape




A vase filled with tulips


A crisp apple (possibly with a sharp cheddar)


market 05


What are some of your simple pleasures?

22 thoughts on “Simple pleasures

  1. Jann Jaspet

    I like your list., Caitlin. For me, the first things that come to mind are seeing the sun stream in through my windows, watching how the light on my garden changes throughout the day, and last but certainly not least, petting my sweet rescue dog – and observing how, over the years, this formerly-mistreated dog has learned to trust me.

  2. That’s a long list. Let’s see:
    1. Having some good sushi
    2. Reading a good book
    3. Writing a story and seeing it materialize before my eyes.
    4. Watching a good movie in the theater (with no noisy kids or other interruptions).
    5. Baking something sweet

    The list goes on and on.

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  4. I like cooking a Sunday morning lumberjack breakfast
    Standing in a trout stream, smoking a good cigar. Jose’s a lucky fellow. I don’t know many women who like the smell of a cigar, regardless of quality.
    Shooting up a roll of film.
    Painting miniatures and constructing miniature buildings and terrain.
    I like going to the movies and eating dudcorn. It’s a bag of popcorn, drowning in butter, with a box of milk duds thrown in. You get all the caramel loveliness, but they don’t stick to your teeth.
    Shopping for books. Our local used book merchant gives generous store credit and my wife works in a library, so there are tons of donated books available to trade.
    Last but not least I like writing replies to your blog posts. It’s nice to have a good think.

    1. Thanks for being such a good sport!

      These all sound great — not so sure about the dudcorn although I’ve heard of it. I like both parts too much to mix them up.

      Oohhhh, shopping for books. I very rarely buy books as I am surrounded by 1000s I have not yet read. I keep buying Serious Tomes that I should read and never do.

      1. I have tomes, no doubt about that. For me they are basically reference books for wargaming. Some games have lots and lots of detail and the more you know about the scenario, the better off you are. Novels and such I will donate when things get tight, but I have listening to a lot of books lately. They’re great when I’m painting.

  5. walks in the quiet woods, books and crosswords and coffee, getting my hands in the dirt of my garden, beautiful things – well made, whimsical art, fresh baked bread – slathered with irish butter

  6. I love that you titled this “simple pleasures” as opposed to “guilty” pleasures. I think as a society and people we have enough to feel guilty about. Is it ok if I steal your idea and create my own post about simple pleasures? Here’s a few of mine…fuzzy socks and how they feel on my feet, a strong cup of coffee with cinnamon sprinkled on top (of course with cream and truvia!), petting dogs of all kinds, peering out the window of my cozy, warm townhome, at the lightly falling, silent, magical snow.

    1. Love all of these! I add cinnamon to just about everything — including my homemade spaghetti meat sauce.

      I don’t believe in guilt, in this sense. We all deserve pleasure, leisure and enjoyment in life. Anyone who shames you for that is crazy.

  7. Heide

    Love your list! I’m with you on the beautiful afternoon light — my favorite time for photography. But I also love taking a walk just as the sun rises. Along with hearing my husband’s laughter, it’s the little pleasure without which my day just doesn’t feel complete.

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