A mid-winter walk



By Caitlin Kelly

When it’s bitterly cold for long weeks, it’s easy to stop going out for a walk. But then cabin fever sets in…

These are woods near our home, in a town 25 miles north of New York City, with a paved trail a mile long that runs beside a reservoir, whose landmarks — officially, watermarks, I guess — can include several white swans, enormous flocks of geese who rest on the ice mid-migration, and, in the summer, multiple small black turtles and a cormorant who stands on a rock to dry out his wings.

In the winter, though, the woods are silent. I can only hear planes overhead and traffic circling the reservoir and the gurgling of a stream. No scurrying squirrels or chipmunks or birdsong.

It’s a more austere world, the remaining leaves bleached, bare branches etched against the sky, thick fungi crowding a log.

And, of course, the Rockefellers (yes, those ones, who live just up the road) affected our landscape, as did millionaire Jay Gould.

Here are some images, full of subtle beauty:



No idea why that little structure is there!




Love the reflections



That little bit of down, memory of a bird…



IMG_3711The patterns of the ice were amazing — shifting with the water’s movements








14 thoughts on “A mid-winter walk

    1. Thanks!

      I began my photo career at 17, selling 3 cover images to a Toronto magazine. Have been very encouraged by the enthusiasm of my husband, ex NYT Pulitzer winner photographer and photo editor. If he likes it, I guess it’s not too shabby!

    1. Thank you!

      I am not a cellphone fan in many ways (I let everything on it go to voicemail) but love having its camera with me at all times. It has really re-awakened and sharpened my eye, and I also have an Instagram account (CaitlinKellyNYC) and am enjoying seeing which of my images resonate there with viewers.

      I know we are surrounded daily by SO much beauty. But we have to see it!

  1. i love walks in beautiful places, in all (most) weather. you really have a good eye and have captured such interesting details along the way. these walks not only are good for physical health, but even more for mindset.

    1. Right? We’re so lucky to have all this beauty so nearby. The irony? I lived in a small town in NH and never went for walks — all the land was private and people were not friendly. Here — 10 minutes’ drive from us — we also have 750 public acres donated by the Rockefellers, with fantastic views of the Hudson.

      Part of it is knowing this landscape quite well now, so I really notice its seasonal changes.

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