Rest, recharge, relax…


One of my addictions — shelter magazines!


By Caitlin Kelly

It’s a long weekend here in the U.S., Memorial Day, and that means — for some — a three-day break from work.

Things have been quiet-ish here for me: lots of pitching of story ideas, attending local networking events and following up with the people I’ve met there — and (!) waiting nervously to hear from two editors about my book proposal.

In an economy where so many are self-employed, work can dominate every day of the week unless you set tight boundaries. It’s also tough for many people with high-pressure jobs to slow down and just rest.

I hope you’re making time for this as well!

Here are some of the ways I rest, recharge and relax:




I try to get to spin class three times a week, 45 minutes in the dark with great music. When not being lazy, I also lift weights, skate at a local ice rink and go for walks. I need the social aspect of being around others as much as the cardio and stretching. I may get back to playing softball, even with a runner to fill in for my bad right knee.





The walkway next to our town reservoir





We live at treetop level, eye-to-eye with blue jays and with ready access to gorgeous walking trails along the Hudson River or the nearby Rockefeller estate (750 acres that one of the nation’s richest families donated for public use.) I love seeing the world change with the seasons — our local cormorant is back at the reservoir!




Little kids get play dates to look forward to. Adults need them too! I make sure each week to set up at least one face to face meeting with a friend, over coffee or lunch. I’ve been working alone at home, with no kids or pets, since 2006. It gets lonely. I also make time for long catch-up phone calls with old friends in Canada (for whom [?!] long distance rates still somehow apply.)


Meditation class


This is a new thing for me, held every Wednesday morning at 10:00 a.m. in the chapel of our church and led by our minister’s wife. This all sounds starchy, I’m sure, but it’s a truly powerful place to share ideas and insights, to sit still in silence, to learn and to build community. It’s women only, ranging in age from 40s to 80+, and we usually have eight to 12. It’s good to have a standing date with one’s soul.




After my breast cancer diagnosis last June, even a very good one, anxiety has become an unwelcome new companion. Therapy helps.




Found this 1940s diner on a great road-trip last summer, on Long Island’s North Shore




Always my favorite! We just took a quick two-day trip to Montreal, a five-hour drive door-to-door from our home, and it was a perfect break. Sometimes a change of scenery is just the ticket.




Escaping into a great book is a perfect way to de-compress.


Hey, leisure rhymes with pleasure!


How about you?

11 thoughts on “Rest, recharge, relax…

  1. I just started my vacation after I left work today. I’m off through my birthday next month, so I’ve got a 17-day weekend rather than a three day weekend. I’ll get lots of sleep, watch a lot of movies, do plenty of writing (and editing, now that the novel’s publication date has been set), and do a little traveling as well. Hopefully it’ll be both an exciting and relaxing experience.

      1. Now if only I actually believed in that stuff. 😂
        Anyway, I’m looking forward to a relaxing vacation. When I’m not editing, I have some fun stuff planned. I’m even going to a ghost hunt! Should be ton of fun.

  2. I am pushing through the next almost seven weeks and will then take a month off to go to southern Alberta to visit friends and afterward to my home in Penticton. I will be sitting on the beach at Skaha Lake or Okanagan Lake with nothing to do except pretend to read. I like to just switch off. Go walking, go swimming, drink some wine. Not have much in the way of thinking going on. 🙂

  3. all of these sound like wonderful ways to rebalance. I think you make a great point about purposefully making the effort to set up things to support whatever it is that brings you calm. it’s always easier to sit at home or lose yourself in work or worry, but in the long run, these will just take you down if you don’t give yourself a break. my go to’s are walking in the woods, meeting up with people who have a positive energy about them, watching my grandies grow and play, and going to listen to music, see a film, or read a book. travel is also on my list, as a wonderful way to get out of my comfort zone and have an adventure,

  4. I love to bake! It brings me great joy. Im finding new recipes and tailoring it to my liking! I love surprising a family member or friend with a baked good from me.

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