10 years, 2,137 posts, 21,461 followers — thanks!



By Caitlin Kelly

A decade!

I was pushed into blogging in the summer of 2009 by my then-agent, as we were trying to sell my second book (which we sold on September 11, 2009), and even then “having a platform” was becoming a publishers’ demand — i.e. bringing with you a built-in audience for your work.



malled cover LOW


I didn’t want to blog and was fearful I’d have anything useful to add. There were, then, 400,000 (!?) blogs on WordPress, and who knows how many now?

The ensuing ten years have proved both personally and professionally interesting, much of which I’ve chronicled here.





— 2011, got married on Centre Island in Toronto harbor, with 25 dear friends.

— 2012, finally got my destroyed left hip replaced

—  2012, won this exclusive about Google teaching meditation for The New York Times, the fruits of six months’ negotiation

— 2013, renovated our kitchen, which I designed

— 2014, back to Paris and London, where I met the fabulous blogger behind Small Dog Syndrome,  Somehow we survived a week of me and my too-large suitcase and her and her husband in their very small flat. Whew!



Hotel Flora, Venice


— 2017. I took a six week vacation, most of it solo, traveling from NY-Paris-Berlin-Budapest-Zagreb-Rovinj-Venice-London. Bliss!





— 2018, diagnosed in June with DCIS, a very early form of breast cancer.



It means a lot that some of you keep reading and commenting, year after year.


It’s heartening to know my words are of value beyond the monetary price put on them for my paid assignments.


Thank you!

19 thoughts on “10 years, 2,137 posts, 21,461 followers — thanks!

  1. I don’t know if you have my first comment, but I wanted to tell you about my new book ‘A Grey Resort’ currently available on preorder. I am so excited to have it out there! I follow your blog and have enjoyed your writings! My blog is 2sets4me.wordpress.com if you would like to follow back. Here is the link for my book.
    I am doing all the marketing on my own, and I’m excited to get it out there! Hope your enjoying your summer! Thank you.

  2. isn’t it interesting to look back and see where you started and all that you’ve done? after your initial fear that you ‘wouldn’t have anything to say’, it’s clear that you are very relevant and have covered things that are relevant in your blog, and we, the readers, have taken notice. here’s to 10. more –

  3. Well..we are just a few weeks away from starting a major gut job/kitchen reno which includes new flooring in the ENTIRE house. The fact that you listed your kitchen remodel on this 10 year list makes me super nervous..😂😬

      1. Well, the plans are all set at this point. It was difficult as we are working in a weird L shaped room, so that made the design a challenge..but at this point it is what it is. I’m more concerned about the level of disruption we are about to experience..with the flooring being the biggie as everything I own will be moved at some point. I also am not sure about my “role”.. should I discuss the planned, daily activities..stay out of their hair, make them food..I just don’t know.

      2. I assume (?) there’s a general contractor or site manager in charge of it all? There should be. And a punch list, to make sure it all gets done as agreed to and paid for. I think it’s fair to know what will be happening day by day and a good firm will make sure to minimize disruption (sealing off closets or rooms to avoid dust, etc) and covering good floor with paper “carpets” and cleaning up at the end of each day as much as possible.

        I made sure to greet our guys every morning, thank them and bring them cups of tea and/or offer water.

      3. Yes, there’s a GC..and they don’t sub out, so it’s all them…EXCEPT for the flooring which we had to hire a whole different company and they will have to at some points work around each other. It’s gonna be “a thing”..for sure..esp the flooring as we have glued down wood and tile that needs to be lifted..we are figuring on 6-8 weeks of disruption. I’ve been busy for months taking stuff to Goodwill and SalVal so at least that combing through has been done. I’m also the energy behind this project..my husband, who could live in a tent and be happy, is just going along fro the ride..I can tell I keep trying to be bright and calm about it all so he doesn’t get ticked off..which at some point
        (or points) he most probably will…”this was YOUR idea” kinda thing.. 😬

      4. I would then make VERY sure (with emails and a paper trail of proof) that your floor guys and the GC are on EXACTLY the same page…shit happens, things get delayed and there are always oooohhhhh shit! surprises (like the mulitple inches we lost in the planning of our tiny (5 by 7 foot only) bathroom when the walls were opened.

  4. Robert Lerose

    Through your words and actions, you’ve enriched my life, personally and professionally. Thank you and be well.

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