How’s your summer going?



By Caitlin Kelly

How did it get to be August already?!

But here we are.

Have you been enjoying yours? Did you take any time off? Travel?

June is my birthday month, so we always plan something fun. We flew to Jose’s hometown of Santa Fe for eight perfect days, and really splurged. We got first class airline tickets, and that’s it. My future life! (I wish.)




We stayed four days with friends then enjoyed a comfortable and quiet hotel room a few blocks from downtown, ate great good, saw friends, played a round of golf. I haven’t been that relaxed in a long, long time. It was bliss!

July has been the usual frenzy of seeking and completing freelance work for a variety of people —, a blog post for branded content, three short pieces for a magazine focused on hemophilia, for which I got to interview a UK cyclist who’d just finished the Tour de France. That was fun!

I’ve committed to a major reporting project that takes us north to Canada on the 31st for a few weeks. I can’t say more until it’s published but am really excited to finally once more tackle a serious, challenging story. I enjoy my work, but writing 300 words or 500 words or even 1,000 words barely scratches the surface of most issues.

This story proposal was rejected by at least six other places, so it’s also a relief to have found a good home for it.

And Jose is coming with me! We have never really worked together, so that’s exciting.

Fun this summer has included enjoying afternoons — usually 3pm to 5:30 — at our building’s swimming pool and lots of time on our balcony IDing bird calls and the many many flights overhead, using FlightRadar24.

For aviation geeks like us — living beneath the flight paths to four New York City/area airports: Westchester, NY; Newark, JFK and Laguardia — it’s a lot of fun to see who’s up there and in what aircraft and where they’re headed.



Love our sunsets!


We’re on the top floor, so it’s lovely and private at treetop level, still with a bit of Hudson River view.

I tend to avoid New York City all summer — too hot, humid, smelly and crowded — with too many days of delayed subway service. Hell is standing on a super-jammed platform drenched in sweat with no ventilation. I’ve ventured in a few times for work and play.

This coming week I’ll visit Boscobel to see Into the Woods, a musical, for the first time. Looking forward to it!

We still have a few months to enjoy our town’s lively Saturday morning farmer’s market, complete with live music, and on the steamiest days I flee to our gorgeous town library, with its tall ceilings, silence and very good air conditioning! They even have private conference rooms so I can do phone interviews as well.


What fun have you been up to?


22 thoughts on “How’s your summer going?

  1. I have been in the Okanagan since mid-July for a five-week break. Wine, beaches, absolute beauty, sunny days, relaxation (there’s been some work sprinkled in) and terrific food available everywhere (in markets and restaurants). It’s glorious.

    It’s interesting that you like FlightRadar. I have spent a lot of my life at the controls of airplanes and in airports, and I still can’t stop myself from looking at the aircraft in the sky, even cropdusters. You sound like a pilot!

    Good luck with your next job – it’s great that you get to work with Jose this time. 🙂

    1. This sounds lovely! So glad you can enjoy a good long break.

      I am a total #avgeek! I’m forever fascinated by aviation…especially after I learned about Antonovs.

      Even my Insta account follows 777s and military aircraft and female pilots (mostly on 737 short haul flights).

      Do you know Mark Vanhoenacker’s gorgeous book Skyfaring? You might enjoy it — he now writes a column in the FT Weekend and we follow one another on Twitter.

      I’m the passenger who always thanks the pilots. I’m in awe.

      1. I know this book but haven’t read it yet (I think I first heard of it from you, actually). I am administration now and do a lot of reading but it’s all work-related.
        I have a book right now that I’m “reading” when I go to the beach (The Moor’s Account – very good fictional version of the Spanish arrival in Florida) but I find that after a page or two I start to drift, and I’m letting myself do that. 🙂

  2. it sound like a lovely summer, Caitlin, and happy it’s continuing on for you for a while longer. that’s great news about your upcoming piece being accepted and how exciting for you (and Jose) to be spending a few weeks in Canada, while working on it.

    this summer for me, has been spent selling my cottage, buying my condo, project managing the work in my little condo I’m moving to soon, and living with daughters and grandchildren. I’ve been seeing friends and dating a bit as well, just to keep it fun and interesting. I look forward to moving into my new home in the next couple of weeks, and settling in. after that, it’s back to school and who know’s what?

  3. Whoo-boy, this summer’s been jam-packed. I drove myself up to Cleveland for a few days to visit family, as well as to check out the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Lakeview Cemetery (lots of talkative spirits at the latter location). I then went to an overnight ghost hunt at the Ohio State Reformatory, which was a lot of fun. I turned 26 and celebrated at the Columbus Arts Festival. My novel “Rose” came out, and has been doing pretty well ever since. And that’s just the tip of a very large iceberg. I’ll stop before I sound like I’m bragging, if I don’t already.

  4. What a summer! From a mostly-surprise wedding for one of my brothers that rather took all our other travel options off the table (three months to plan, yikes!) to our immigration process, to busy year end work for my job…summer is NEVER a restful period for me normally but this summer has been far and away one of the most packed in recent memory.

  5. I’ve been working on my game a bit- Godawful Monsters vs. Yokels in matching coats. I’m trying to strike the balance between simple enough to keep you from getting a headache and detailed enough to keep you from falling asleep. You can see it on my blog.
    I got a new guitar, a red Epiphone Dot, and I’ve been playing it a lot. There are lots of backing tracks in different styles available on You Tube, in case you’re interested. I mostly play alone so they’re awesome.
    I’m reading Blown Away and I’ll let you know about it when I’m done.
    What I am NOT doing this summer is spending a lot of time looking at the news. Anger makes me even more disagreeable than normal, and regardless of which side of the fence someone may stand on, you can bet someone is going to say something stupid.
    Borderlands 3 is coming out soon so that’s good. Pick up an XBOX one and we can go shootin’ and lootin’!

  6. Try it! There are lessons a-plenty if you need a refresher. You Tube has really been a big help with breaking me out of my rut. I understand theory but I’ve never been very good at playing off the sheet,, so my playing is more technique based and improvisational. If you ever decide to break out that smokin’ axe we could have a skype jam. It could be awesome. What is it, anyway? A person of discriminating tastes such as yourself… I’m guessing a Gibson Hummingbird or a Martin D-45. That’s what I’m hoping, anyway.

      1. I love fancy. I’ve owned a couple real world class guitars in my life, but that isn’t what’s going to make the connection. Some people talk about things that speak to them and,, while some may doubt it, I do not.
        There were more expensive guitars that were still in my price range but none of them spoke to me like this one.
        I figure you will get this based on your many posts involving some of your favorite things. All this being said I’m glad you are managing to have a good summer. No one likes having to be resilient but there is no denying that it’s a fine quality. Keep hitting those singles because that fastball’s coming.

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