22 thoughts on “Fireside, year 2: fun, learning, unheated cabins!

    1. It’s a blast. I fled my annual writers’ conference in NYC this year, losing $ for a paid day. I couldn’t stand the hype and noise and crowded stuffy rooms. You don’t have to be miserable to learn!

  1. This sounds like a wonderful event! And sorely needed. I crave places where the posturing is left at the door–or better yet, where those who posture just aren’t invited. I went to a luncheon with eight strangers recently, part of Chicago Ideas’ push to get diverse groups of people together to talk about the big questions. It was phenomenal.

    1. That sounds so cool! I love that idea. Who organized it? Will you meet again?

      Yeah, the fact that Daniel and Steven interview everyone (!) before choosing them means you have to be someone they would enjoy being with — and who others will enjoy. No speakers are paid and the application form asks both — what would you like to teach and what would you like to learn? Also, low-key, civil Canadians!

      1. The event I went to was sponsored by Chicago Ideas. It’s a great group. And my sub group did talk about getting back together, but unfortunately we never made it happen. Definitely not due to lack of interest, rather, we were all really busy people. But it’s too bad. And I love that the people who host your event interview everyone. That’s definitely why it’s so good.

  2. It sounds so interesting..but as I sit in the sweltering, Florida heat all I’m able to focus on are the pictures of you and other people… WEARING SWEATERS!!?!?!?!! 😰 What Shangri-la camp of summer coolness is this????? Talk about diversity.. in temperatures!
    I’m SO jealous! 🥵

    1. It was low 40s at night….we slept in wool socks and hats and I was very glad that daytime temps got no higher than 60.

      Look on the map — Bancroft is 4 hours’ drive north of Toronto, and leaves are already turning up here, with sunset still as late as 8pm….7pm or earlier at home in NY now.

  3. Wow – congrats on giving two talks. It was cool in Toronto so I can imagine how it must have been up in Bancroft (and I just saw your comments to Cindy). This must have been a great way for you to network and to recharge your creative batteries.

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