More simple pleasures



Another fab sunset from our balcony


By Caitlin Kelly


Strong coffee


Breakfast in bed on a tray


Our favorite radio stations: WKCR (Columbia University), WFUV, (Fordham), WNYC, TSFJazz (Paris) and my latest, channel 163 on Sirius XM, Chansons, all songs in French


A long walk with a good friend


A long phone chat or Skype with a pal living too far away





Tickets for a forthcoming event, (Porgy and Bess at the Met Opera in January)


Red-tailed hawks flying low over our balcony


A new pair of loafers




A cocktail at a gorgeous hotel bar — this is the Royal York, Toronto


An all-clear dental exam


Fresh pillowcases


A long soak in our 21-inch-deep bathtub


Baking lemon bread and tomato-leek quiche


What are some of yours?

18 thoughts on “More simple pleasures

  1. I just got back from two cups of the daily grind from my favorite coffee shop. Throw in an everything bagel with butter and a discussion of something that you don’t talk about often, this morning it was ancient astronomical theory, and that’s a good start to the day.

    Cathy and I have some upcoming events as well. We’re going to see “A Miracle on 34th Street” at Asheville Community Theatre. It’s better than it sounds. Spamalot and the Santaland Diaries, (Crumpet sat on my lap) were excellent. We’re also going to check out the Reverend Horton Heat at the Grey Eagle. It’s a psychobilly freakout!

    I like playing my guitar(s) and this year has brought me an embarrassment of riches with not one, but two new guitars. Shopping for a guitar is as much fun as playing one.

    Tea all day. This is a good way to catch a little Zen along the way. My ceremony is simple. It involves sweetener packets, squeezing out the tea bag and a shot of milk from the jug. What it does not involve is getting in a hurry. Perfection.

    This has been a good time spent counting my blessings, another simple pleasure. Tanks for posting.

    1. Tanks, yes TANKS. WP has a new program where you get a new gas bottle for your grill with every 10,000 posts. They are calling it “Tanks for posting”. I cook on charcoal so I’m not in a hurry.

  2. A cup of tea; a good scary movie; time to watch whatever I want; some low-cal ice cream; the chance to sleep in; my favorite pajamas; progress on a story I’m writing; my favorite songs from the 1980s on the radio; a decent drive; to quote a woman named Maria, “these are a few of my favorite things.”

  3. It’s true that simple pleasures are very gratifying. Mine start right now on this Friday evening: snug and warm inside while it’s cold and rainy outside. A new DVD to watch while I lie on my bed (in exactly 5 minutes), the DVD is The Affair, Season 4. Clean percale sheets. Sleeping in an extra hour on Saturday mornings. Making a giant mug of strong espresso and heating a blend of milk, cream and almond milk to go in it. Really good bread, toasted and slathered with good butter; maybe I’ll make scrambled eggs with lox tomorrow morning.

    Planning my Christmas travels. Just hanging out on the weekend, relaxing. Reading or re-reading a good book. Listening to the radio. Cooking or home baking. Going to my local library. The simple life.

    1. This all sounds perfect!

      I love our local library. It’s one of the reasons I chose this town — the building is airy and beautiful and has stunning river views and (!) incredible bronze doors brought from Italy. The founders were a wealthy couple and thank heaven for their generosity.

      1. Geez, my local library isn’t at all attractive. It’s just functional and utilitarian. It used to have a pleasant reading area with comfy chairs arranged in a circle and all the weekly mags and newspapers nearby, but last year another municipal library closed its doors and all the books were sent to my local library. Now it looks like a Walmart warehouse! The pleasant reading area has been replaced with metal shelves overflowing with a surplus of books, it’s pretty ugly. Luckily, there’s a higher floor that’s quite decent, that’s where everyone takes refuge.

      2. What a shame!

        Ours is really beautiful so I love to spend time there….Especially in the winter, I get so claustrophobic working alone at home (2020 will be 14 years) and all I have instead is a cafe…

  4. For me a simple pleasure is getting up in the morning, making a pot of coffee, starting work, and writing what I want to – as opposed to writing what I have to. It doesn’t happen too often. The practical life of a writer. You know what I mean! πŸ™‚

  5. a freshly brewed cup of strong coffee, with full cream, made in my drip carafe. waking up with the beauty of the sun on the early snow, and reading while cocooned in cozy throws.

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