Cards, letters, all on paper. Yes, please!


Charlotte Bronte’s writing desk


By Caitlin Kelly

Sorry to see the closing of all Papyrus stores — an upscale stationery chain.

As someone who loves using and receiving lovely stationery, I found this sad.

I love love love beautiful stationery. I just bought a new Lamy fountain pen.

I have personalized stationery. So does Jose.

We used to have shared personalized stationery and I may order some more. Not something we use a lot, but still good for condolence letters and thank-you notes.

Obviously, I enjoy social media — as here we are! But I love the heft and weight of Christmas and birthday cards, which we still send out. I love opening a drawer and finding a Valentine’s Day card from Jose from a decade ago. History!

Historians of the future may have quite the challenge if all we leave them are emojis and texts and emails. Will they exist?

There are many gorgeous options out there — like classic Parisian manufacturer  G. Lalo. How elegant are their pale green, deckle edged cards! They come in eight other colors — including white and a stunning deep pink.

And these, from Papier, lovely marbled notecards.

Toronto, my hometown, has a stunning store, The Japanese Paper Place; I stop in every visit and buy some pens and labels and gift paper. They sell online!

This has been called the best stationery store in the U.S. South…Scriptura. I discovered them when I visited New Orleans…Such lovely things!

Rifle Paper Co. has some fun greeting cards — every time I look at the drugstore selection now I find most of them adolescent and crude or too saccharine.

We keep stamps clipped to the fridge and plenty of lovely papers, so we have no excuse to fall out of touch or stick to social media.


Do you write letters or cards on paper still?



16 thoughts on “Cards, letters, all on paper. Yes, please!

  1. I like both! But, there’s nothing like a beautiful card. My kids used to make cards for me and for their teachers. Now, nothing. But, I found that animated cards sort of make up for that loss.

  2. Lately, I’ve been trying to stay on top of making cards for my friends (including all the therapists at Level 11) and family for birthdays and pregnancies. And I’ve come to love drawing recently so I’m working on drawing all the therapists a picture to hang up over their desks. I wrote about an instance recently towards the end of Clarity if you’d like to read it (sorry I’m not sure how to link the post here…)

  3. I try to keep up with thank you notes if I can’t make a phone call or send some other message of thanks. And I love getting cards for people around birthdays or the holidays. Especially funny ones. I take a lot of pride in getting a funny card for a recipient.

  4. just like you, I love paper, for many reasons. and I love handwritten letters, cards, and notes. I was sad to hear about papyrus closing as well, and just very recently heard that my favorite local paper store is to close as well.

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